Monday, 2 September 2013

Pompeii and Wimborne

If you haven't already realised, I've been absent for the last 6 days! I was with my boyfriend down in Dorchester which was a lot of fun! I have also been super busy back home for the last two days (One day included the Emergency bag kit) so I shall do a blog post on that soon!
I finally got to visit the Pompeii exhibition at The British Museum in London and it was fantastic. It was really eye opening to see real everyday objects from an event that happened so long ago. You don't get to see what Roman life was like for poorer people as much as the rich so Pompeii and Herculaneum are rare chances to actually look into this world from a perspective other than the rich of that world. I found some of the exhibits fascinating but heart-breaking too. The were moulds of people that were found and you could see the looks on their faces which was haunting. Unfortunately, you weren't allowed to take photos and the book with the pictures and explanations in was £25 so I don't have any pictures to show you. This exhibition was absolutely fascinating though so please please please go and visit while it's still there, it's completely worth it and 16-18 year olds and Students get in for only £12.50! It is pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity so I really suggest you see this part of History that hasn't been properly seen before. 
The day after, we went to Wimborne. It's such a pretty place and it also had some great shops which is always good! Being me, I took a trip to the Superdrug and bought a new lip gloss/cream which is amazing, but I'll do a separate blog on that sometime later on! All I'm saying is that it smells gorgeous and looks really lovely! There was also an old fashioned sweet shop so I bought quite a few sweets! Orange and passionfruit hard boiled sweets are some of my favourites now.
Thursday was a lazy day because the windows were being replaced in the house so we ended up watching films all day! I've finally seen Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows so I'm super happy about that! Even though I love the BBC Sherlock, Robert Downey Junior and Jude Law play Sherlock and John perfectly and I laughed so much through both of the Sherlock Holmes films! 
I left Mark's house the next day but before, he bought me Marie Claire magazine to read on the 4 hour (lots of waiting between trains) journey back to my house. It contained a little tester of a perfume called Intense by Dolce & Gabanna and it smells so good! It has the cutest packaging too, if you pull up the tab, it turns into a little cardboard bottle that you squeeze and it sprays the perfume! It's amazing! The website says that the perfume has "subtle hints of Neroli and Green Mandarin, creamy and enveloping qualities of Orange Flower plays alongside the deep voracious trail of Tuberose, giving an intense full-bodied feminine signature to the fragrance, that turns heads and intrigues and the warm resinous Sandal Wood and the sensual Musky notes that blend irresistibly with the creamy addiction of the Guimauve, defining a powerful presence of captivating sensuality." It sounds so funny like that, but it's honestly such a nice scent. It's stronger so it's more of a going out, nighttime perfume but I love it. 
Jess xx

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