Thursday, 31 July 2014

Instagram snapshots #7

I love doing these but I don't post as many pictures so I don't have many from the last few weeks!

Can't wait to finally read these!
Met Lewis Watson in Reading HMV, couldn't be happier and the new album is amazing!

I love pink lemonade!
Gorgeous i8 at the BMW launch!
My new addiction!
Metope 27 on the Parthenon at the British Museum.
Selene's horse, East pediment of Parthenon at British Museum.
Jess xx

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Summer Bucket List!

This is the longest Summer I've ever had so it's a good chance to get a lot of things done! 
Topic 13 was to create a Summer bucket list so I've come up with a few things I've been wanting to do for a while and can actually get on with now college and exams are finally over and I have loads of spare time!

1. Go to the theatre
I haven't been to the theatre for so long but I have plans to go with a friend from college in three weeks time so I'm super excited to actually do this - it will be the first time going without my family!
2. Go to the beach
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the beach as sand annoys me and it's always really busy but it's something I feel I have to do at least once in summer. I also have plans to go to Brighton with a friend in August so this one will happen soon too!
3. Get into University
This is entirely out of my hands now but if I don't get into Reading, I'm hoping that there will be somewhere that's willing to take me instead!
4. Complete my summer reading list
I didn't make it just to look pretty! The books all seem really interesting and I'm going to have lots of time over the next two weeks at my Archaeological dig to read and get some of the books crossed off the list! 
5. Get a job
I'm still waiting to see if Waitrose will offer me the job so fingers crossed! This one can also wait until September as more will open up when people leave for uni and school.
6. Try something completely new
I love trying new and fun things which is actually a reason for points 7 and 9!
7. Make a plan of action for getting healthier
I want to try and get healthier at Uni so I'll be looking at food and exercise options to see what appeals to me and seems doable! So far I've been looking at yoga and running for exercise and smoothies for a way to have more fruit in my diet!
8. Meet up with college and secondary school friends
Every summer I fail hopelessly at meeting up with friends but this year I've actually been pretty social and good at meeting up with people I haven't seen for a while! Having a car probably helps with that as I can go to a lot more places without my parents needing to be around!
9. Make a scrapbook with magazine articles/pictures
I've collected Elle and a few of Glamour and Marie Claire since this time last year and it's getting quite difficult to store all of them so I'm going to create a magazine scrapbook to save my favourite bits from each one!
10. Create a recipe book to take to University with me
I'm going to be in self-catering accommodation next year so I need to learn how to cook. Until I go, I'm going to begin collecting recipes I like that I could make easily when I'm there!

Have you guys got anything that you're planning to do over the summer?
Jess xx

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Topic 12 of the blogger challenge is to write about recipes so I found some yummy things that I want to try to make at some point! I've already done a similar post here for a previous blogger challenge.

This looks so nice and easy to make - I love lemonade and peaches so it's perfect.

Lavender Blackberry Scones

I love scones, they're one of the first things I learnt to make and these sound really good!

Healthy Smoothies

There isn't an external link because all of the information is on the picture! I want to try out some smoothies at uni so these seem good!

Jess xx

Monday, 28 July 2014

Lipstick Love!

For topic 11 of the blogger challenge,  we have to write about collections. As I already did a post about my nail polish collection for a previous topic, I decided to do a top 5 for my other make up collection; lipsticks! 

I have over 50 lip products so it's quite difficult to decide on my favourites but I think I've managed to cut them down to a top 5 pinks and others!

The Pinks

Left to right: MUA Luxe Velvet Lacquer in Funk, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon, Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss in 101,
Chanel Coco Rouge in 62 Irr├ęsistible, Sleek Matte Me in Petal.
I mostly wear pink lipstick as it suits me really well, looks good all year round and goes with a majority of my outfits.
For a few months earlier this year, I became obsessed with light pink lipsticks and found the holy grail when I discovered Revlon's Pink in the Afternoon. It's creamy and has the nicest colour that in my opinion is a perfect light pink lipstick.
Rimmel's Kate Moss Matte lipstick is also a brilliant pale pink but is matte instead. This line is easily one of my favourites and this shade doesn't disappoint. This lipstick is equal with the Revlon for colour I think, maybe even slightly better, but is a bit less natural due to it being matte.
Funk is another matte lipstick but it's a liquid lipstick which means it applies with an applicator. This makes it a little trickier to apply but I love this colour and the look it gives - for £3 it creates a gorgeous lip and the colour doesn't budge for ages compared to usual lipsticks which is a major plus! This is the best lipstick I have for staying power out of the 10 I am showing by far, possibly in my entire collection! I just wish they did a bigger range of colours!
Petal is a newer discovery and is really gorgeous; I've worn it so many times already! It's another matte liquid lipstick and I would say it is most similar to Rimmel's 101 in colour, maybe a little darker. This one was easier to remove than the MUA but the extra price is still worth it as Sleek have a better colour range.
The Chanel lipstick is honestly my most loved lipstick as it's my first proper high end lipstick (MAC not being counted...I mean over £15). Mum bought it as an end of exams present when we last went to London as a family. It has a shimmer to it and is slightly darker than the other pinks but is so wearable and I tend to just put it on as I'm about to leave when I can't choose a colour to wear as it goes with everything! It also has a faint smell of rose which is absolutely heavenly, it reminds me of my macarons! It also lasts for a long time despite not being matte. I really want to save up and get some more of these lipsticks as they're so pretty and the colour range available is just incredible!

Left to right: Funk, Pink in the Afternoon, 101, 62 Irr├ęsistible, Petal.

The Others

I decided that I had far too many favourites (and pinks!) To do just one top 5, so these are my favourites out of my other lipstick shades that I own!
Sorry for the slightly out of focus photos - the lighting was really iffy so I eventually gave up and picked the best out of a really bad bunch!

Left to right: Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker gloss stick in Raplumzel, Miners The Matte Factor in Deep Red,
Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in 107, The Body Shop Born Lippy stick Lip Balm in Plum,
MAC Amplified in Dark Deed.
The darker colours I own are mostly for Autumn and Winter as they go better with my outfits during that time. However, sometimes I feel like cracking out a red lip in Summer to mix things up a bit and I wear either Rimmel's Matte Lipstick in 107 or Miners' matte liquid lipstick in Deep Red as they're both great colours with long wear times. 107 is a darker red while Deep Red is closer to a dark pink despite the name. However, both are great and even though the swatches aren't brilliant, they are really lovely and matte. The Rimmel is my favourite of the two as it smells amazing and feels better on the lips. The Miners is still good and smells sweeter, like vanilla cupcakes but is trickier to apply as it requires an applicator, like the MUA and Sleek colours.
The Soap and Glory gloss stick is such a gorgeous colour that, despite being glossy, lasts for quite a while and looks amazing while giving off great colour. I have this in a pink that I got with a set around Christmas but I prefer this as the colour is super pretty.
The body shop lip balm is tinted so I counted it here as I've been wearing it a lot recently because it's so moisturising! The colour it gives off is obviously subtle but it's really pretty and gives a nice wash of colour. It also smells amazing - I think it's quite similar to the Maybelline Baby Lips and I think this one is more comfortable on the lips apart from Cherry Me, which is still a firm favourite. 
Dark Deed was bought for me as part of a pack this Christmas and I absolutely love it. It's the darkest lipstick I own so it's not brought out often because it's quite difficult to wear but when I do, it's perfect. It doesn't last as long as I would like but I have a lip liner that came with it to solve that problem. 

Left to right: Raplumzel, Deep red, 107, Plum and Dark Deed.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know I enjoyed really looking through my lipstick collection and choosing my favourites. Let me know some of your favourites and what you think of these! 
Jess xx

Sunday, 27 July 2014


Topic 10 of the blogger challenge was hair so I decided to put together a list of people & pictures that I would love to have hair like. My hair is quite poofy and frizzy and refuses to do what I want so a post about mine was out of the question.

1. Carrie - wishwishwish
Carrie has the prettiest of hairstyles and manages to pull of everything she does - I'm super jealous as it always looks so perfect! Can we also appreciate how gorgeous her outfits are too?! She always dresses so nicely.
She proves that you don't have to have super long hair (I sure don't!) to be able to do pretty and different things with your hair.

Picture from here
Picture from here
Picture from here
Picture from here

2. Zoe - Zoella
Pretty much everyone loves her but there's obviously a reason for that right?! I wish my hair was that long and still looked that good.

Picture from here
Picture from here
Picture from here

3. Carly - thecollegeprepster
I love her style so much and her hair is just amazing - this is the length I would love to have some day!

Picture from here
Picture from here
Picture from here
These are my current hairspirations that I can think of off the top of my head! 
Jess xx

Friday, 25 July 2014

A day with Kate #4!

I got to meet up with Kate again on Wednesday as exams are long gone so instead of Guildford, we went to London to go somewhere different and mix it up a bit! 

As she's never been before, I took her round Covent garden and the surrounding area - next time she's taking me to Camden as I've never been there, I'm super excited! 

While I was waiting for Kate to arrive, I went to Forbes bookshop in Waterloo station and bought The Secret History by Donna Tartt as I'd heard about it from a friend reading it and it sounded super interesting! I read a bit on the train home and I love it already! I will post a review when I'm done.

We looked around my usual favourites (Kate Spade, Banana Republic etc.) and went to Ed's Diner in Soho for lunch which was really good! We meant to take photos of our lunches but we forgot - it was so good though, they never disappoint! The music also helps with the 50s American diner vibe they give out - bar seating and booths galore!

We went to H&M where Kate got 2 dresses, then went to TK Maxx where I found the softest jumper which will be perfect for when the weather gets colder again, I can't wait to wear it! I spent way too long looking at the jumpers and figuring out which looked the best and which was softest - I'm so happy with my choice as it'll look perfect with jeans and boots come Autumn! It has just the right amount of slouch to look laid back but still pretty and I love it! TK Maxx is such a great place to find cheaper pieces from more expensive brands. My jumper was £7.99 and was from Vero Moda.

We also went to Laduree so I could get my macaron fix and I got some sweets from a shop just off the main part of Covent Garden - the marshmallows are so yummy and are quite addictive, the raspberry jelly stuff inside makes them less sickly and just nice! I also didn't go overboard like I usually do, I'm trying to cut the amount of sweets I'm eating slightly in an attempt to become a bit healthier and get better control over my diabetes.

We then went to Oxford Street and to Selfridges to look around and it was crazy how expensive the items in there are! I was really close to buying a set of Ciate nail polishes (even though they're a bit harder to put on, their lasting time is amazing!) but decided against it eventually as they were £18.

We then went to sit around in Southbank while we waited for my train and found a cooler corner in the building away from the scorching heat.

I always love meeting up with Kate and despite the crazy heat, I had such a good day!
Jess xx

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer Reading List!

I love reading but because of my A levels, I've had trouble finding time to read books not to do with my courses for the last two years! This summer is the longest I've ever had so I'm intending to use it to my full advantage and read as much as I can! 

I've come up with a list of books I either want to finish or at least start before I hopefully start University in September/October!

- Aristotle: Philosophy in an hour by Paul Strathern
- David Golder by Irene Nemirovsky
- Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky
- Confronting the Classics by Mary Beard
- Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters
- The Civil Wars by Appian
- Isis and Osiris by Plutarch

Most of these books are still to do with Ancient History/Classics or Archaeology but I'm reading them for fun instead of for classes (the books I read for classes were still good though!) so I'm excited to read them! Hopefully they will actually be useful for next year as well!

I know the list isn't huge but some of the books are quite big and I'm quite busy until mid way through August so I don't want to set myself too big a goal as I'm pretty sure I can read all of these by the time I get to Uni!

Thursday, 17 July 2014


I'm sorry I haven't blogged in a week! I've had no motivation recently because nothing particularly interesting has happened and I just haven't found any oomph to blog which is disappointing because I have so much time! 

Yesterday, I went to Reading University for their disability information day as I'm diabetic and need to have a few things to help with my living in halls (fridge in my room for my medication) come September/October. We had quite a few talks through the day about various things and it made me realise how lucky I actually am with my illness. Even though it does have its downsides sometimes, I have quite good control so it doesn't really affect my life much anymore as I've been diabetic since I was 11 so it's just become another part of my life instead of a problem. 

During the talks, there was a lot of information about getting extra help academically or someone to help socially and it really opened my eyes to the fact that people have severe problems with these sorts of things and made me thankful that while I have some health problems, I don't have problems that affect every day life to the point where I can't perform tasks by myself. While I get frustrated sometimes with my diabetes, the talks really opened my eyes to how lucky I actually am. 

Jess xx

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Meeting Lewis Watson!

I was so lucky to stumble across a meet and greet event on Facebook at the HMV in Reading the other day for Lewis Watson's release of his new album 'The Morning', so yesterday I went down there and all I had to do to get in was buy the album from HMV which I was planning to do anyway! I was given a wristband and I was given access!

First off, we got to listen to some of the songs off the album live which was just incredible - he shared the stories and meanings behind the songs and he sounded identical to the record which is rare these days! I was blown away by how much emotion he put into each song and it makes me so happy to see someone that I've listened to and admired for years get recognition!

I did get some videos but unfortunately they won't upload properly, otherwise I would show you how great he is!!

We then got to meet him and get our albums signed! He was so lovely and thanked me for buying the album and coming which was amazing - he was so humble and sweet and I wish I'd had more time to talk to him properly!

Lewis and I, thank you to the security guard that took the photo!

Such a lovely cover!

It's signed! 

I listened to the album on the way home and I'm actually in love, I don't dislike any of the songs which is rare for an album! My favourites from the album are probably holding on, into the wild, stay, close, halo, sink or swim and castle street. 

You can buy the album from HMV, iTunes and Lewis Watson's online store.
You can also listen to the album on Spotify.

Jess xx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Ingrid Michaelson - Lights Out

Exams brought my blogging to a halt, including the blogger challenges. That means I'm going to have to catch up with them and fast! 

Topic 9 was the first that I missed and it was about music. I've decided to do an album review for Ingrid Michaelson's Lights Out which came out just before this post was originally due! 

I've loved Ingrid's music for a long time and this album is no exception. It's a bit different from her older stuff as she had other writers helping her this time but I love it all the same! 

1. Home
I love this song, it has such a great tune.
2. Girls Chase Boys
Probably in my top 3 of the album - the video is also brilliant! It has such a great message and a catchy tune!
3. Wonderful Unknown (ft. Greg Laswell)
A slower song, but I love it! 
4. You Got Me (ft. Storyman)
This is such a different and more upbeat, poppy song for Ingrid but her and Storyman's voices work really well together to make a really great song.
5. Warpath
Easily in my top 3. Another upbeat song that I'm in love with - so easy to dance to and sing along to!
6. Handsome Hands
It's quite a slow song and I don't think it's as good as the others on the album. It picks up towards the end but I find it a little boring if I'm honest.
7. Time Machine
This one is a mix of pop and rock and is in my top 3, it's so catchy and memorable, I absolutely love this song and I'm constantly singing and humming it!
8. One Night Town (ft. Mat Kearney)
Another poppy and upbeat song. Too much 'ooh-ing' for my liking but it's still a good song!
9. Open Hands (ft. Trent Dabbs)
Not as good as the others in my opinion but it isn't bad - I just have others I would listen to over it.
10. Ready to Lose (ft. Trent Dabbs)
Another slow song but it's still pretty good! 
11. Stick
Okay...maybe I have a top 4. It's such a great song; less poppy than some of the others and it gives a nice mix!
12. Afterlife
A less dancy tune but equally memorable, I love it!
13. Over You (ft. A Great Big World)
Another great slow song - it's sweet and their voices are really nice together!
14. Everyone is Gonna Love Me Now
A lovely song to finish the album on, another slow one!

Overall I love the album and like with most others, it has stronger songs but its generally really good! If you haven't heard of Ingrid, I would definitely recumbent listening to her - the album is on Spotify and probably on YouTube too! 

Jess xx

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

"I’ve always thought of lipstick as my version of a superhero’s cape.You put it on and you feel like you could do anything!"

I saw the picture below on cocosteaparty's Instagram earlier and I followed the link to her interview with Lipstick Queen's founder, Poppy King. 

Picture from cocosteaparty on Instagram

I've been wanting to try this brand for a while but haven't really had any chance to buy any products as A) I haven't seen them in any shops I've been in to recently and B) They aren't exactly cheap for a lipstick. 

However, after reading this interview, I'm definitely going to make sure I at least look at the brand if I do see them as Poppy seems to understand that lipstick for some people is something they use to feel special and even powerful in everyday situations and that a good lipstick can completely transform a look and increase confidence. I love seeing passionate people doing what they love so I'll happily support her by buying one of her lipsticks!

I think the quote I've used from the interview as my title definitely sums up what wearing lipstick is to me - it isn't completely necessary but it does help to just give me an extra boost as I know it can improve appearance in seconds and definitely gives me that confidence I sometimes need! I would probably even say that if I had to only choose one beauty product, it would be a lipstick. When I'm feeling lazy, I tend to only wear mascara and lipstick when I go out as it can still look fairly put together. 

I also love the fact that Poppy says that she's inspired by all different types of art and media, even history and culture which I find awesome and really interesting myself! The world around us can be so inspiring and it's quite interesting to see how it can even inspire cosmetics. I know I get inspired to take photos or write posts from what I see, read or hear every day so it's awesome to see that same inspiration being used to create a product that is aimed to "show women the true power of lipstick" as she says. 

I think my favourites that I've found from the brand so far are:

Lipstick Queen Saint in Rose - £20
Lipstick Queen Sinner in Natural - £20
Lipstick Queen Chinatown in Pink Bluff - £22

I have a bit of a thing for neutral pink colours at the moment as I find them so wearable and pretty if you get the right shade! I don't think there's any point in spending a lot of money on a lipstick if you won't wear it because you got it in a bright colour that you can't wear often - you're not showing it off then! I'd rather have a special lipstick that I can wear everyday as something a bit more fancy instead of keeping it in my drawer collecting dust.

Have any of you guys tried a Lipstick Queen lipstick? What do you think of them?

Jess xx

It's an American brand so Lipstick Queen only seems to be available in John Lewis and Space NK Apothecary in the UK.