Sunday, 30 September 2012

Goodbye Ponds

As you guys should know, I'm an avid Doctor who fan, a whovian. I think I speak for the entire fandom that last night was probably the saddest episode out of the modern Doctor who's EVER! D:
So yeah, anyway, even before it started I was bracing myself for the complete mind numbing sadness that I knew was going to follow, it reminded me of when I watched Reichenbach .____. OH THE FEELS D; I have to admit, Moffat is brilliant, but falling again...really?! No one wanted THAT sherlock reference in Doctor Who!!! D:
I was dreading and really excited for Angels Take Manhattan but I had to wait half an hour after everyone else to watch it! I had to avoid Twitter, Tumblr and my Facebook newsfeed! That's nearly impossible for me! D:
I thought it was a pretty good episode though, the angels weren't as good as they have been in other episodes but the cherubs were creepy as hell. I swear I will crap myself if I ever hear a little kid laughing in the dark >.< I was so happy about the statue of liberty essentially being the Queen weeping angel, me & a couple of friends were sure that was gonna happen :')
I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW PERFECT AMY IS THOUGH! Not many tv shows show a strong female that is essentially the backbone of the relationship, and it's great but also heart breaking to see the lengths that she goes to be with Rory (again, DAMN YOU MOFFAT!) just, ugh. And river too! She's just perfect. If you see me over the next few days just give me chocolate and a hug ._____. I WASN'T READY FOR THAT D: WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE GONE?! WHY COULDNT RORY JUST HAVE NOT GONE & GOT COFFEE?! THEN THEY WOULD ALL BE SAFE!!!!! DAMN YOU MOFFAT.
This video basically explains my life right about now, I'm a mix between denial and trying to move on my doing English homework .___.
Enjoy guys! DFTBA x

Friday, 28 September 2012

Duck, duck, goose!

I have a free at the moment and I'm sitting by the river re reading my stuff for ancient history next and I've made some friends! The cutest ducks are waddling up to me so I've been feeding them shortbread :P they seem to like it! :D I like sitting by myself, it so quiet and peaceful with no one else around, it also helps you appreciate nature a little more :) the world is so beautiful, it's just a shame that the world is too busy and loud to really appreciate the beauty of it all >.<

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Please don't say you love me cause I might not say it back...

This is another lot of lyrics, this time by a singer/songwriter called Gabrielle Aplin :) the song is called please don't say you love me :) I really like it because it's so simple and cute but it has such a great message which is so true :) just because you like/love someone doesn't mean youre in love with them and you shouldn't feel pressured in to saying 'I love you' to someone just because they say it to you. If you don't feel it don't say it :)
Today was actually really good tbh! One of my closest friends wasn't in college today which makes me le sad :( (hope you feel better soon Luc!) but I went shopping with my friend Clara today and I got a gorgeous scarf from a little boutique shop in town :) its light grey and had little black butterflies all over it, I love it so so much :') it was a free well spent I think! I also got my biology test results back - I got a C! Tbh I should have got higher but as my first attempt at an A level biology paper, it isn't so bad I don't think :) I'll revise more next test and get better :) I just have to revise more to get better grades :) I'll get there in the end :)
My parents got to meet my tutor tonight, apparently the work load is gonna get more and I have more work because I'm gifted and talented :S I'm slightly worried now because I'm not getting much work but they're pretty big bits when I do get them! Hopefully it won't be too bad :S
(sorry, I accidentally went back to look at this and now I have to publish it again -.-)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Always look on the bright side of life...

Today was pretty good mostly :) I'm loving my lessons and I did well on my classic civilisations test this morning! :)
I got to wear my new boots to college for the first time today and they're amazing :') so comfortable :3
I shouldn't be allowed near computers though, I lost most of my extended project activity log that I'd been doing for the last week so I pretty much have to start from scratch :/ I actually felt like I was going to cry when I found out the wrong bit had saved, now I've got to try and remember what I was doing last :( it's just crap because I thought that I was doing pretty well and now I have less work than everyone else even though I originally had more logs that everyone :( I hate it when things like this happen, especially to me :( it's put me in such a rubbish mood now :(

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Take Me Out of the Wall

The title is another song :P this time by a band called Canterbury! I always forget how much I love these guys, then I listen to their songs and I fall in love all over again :3 my favourite song is either Take Me Out of the Wall or Calm Down, they're both great! :D if you haven't already checked them out I advise you to do so! I love them ^.^
On another note, I painted my nails for the first time since the beginning of summer today :D they're now a really pretty green colour, it's called Peacock so it's that shimmery green colour that's amazing :D I love it! :D I apologise for my hand looking freaky in that pic but it shows the colour really well! And yes, I know my nails are really long ;P

Raindrops keep falling on my head

I love the rain! I love when it makes that pitter patter sound on the roof and windows and I love the smell of rain and it just makes everything seem almost peaceful and calm :) I love sitting around in trackies and a hoodie and just reading when it's raining, it's the perfect weather for it because there isn't much else to do :)
I love reading so much :) its so great opening a book or a file on your kindle and entering a whole new world, meeting new people and places and just forgetting about real life :) I'm happy because I love majority of genres of books, I love classics and fantasy and romance and loads of others :) my favourite author is probably John Green or JK Rowling (obviously ;D) I also have a special love for Adorakable - Sarra Manning, it's the book that actually inspired me to start a blog! It's such a great book and it just shows you that being different is good :) but yeah, I'm off to read the Odyssey for Classic Civilisations now, bye! DFTBA x

Friday, 21 September 2012

It's Friday!! :D

Today was AWESOME. I got to go to Starbucks in first lesson when I had my free :D it's really cold in the mornings at the moment so I got a peppermint mocha and it felt like Christmas! :3 the people working there had Harry Potter name tags and the people there were Malfoy, Lupin and Snape today :D
My friend came in to our ancient history class and sat in there for the whole thing, it was such an awesome lesson! :)
We got to sit by the river at lunch/in the free and it was great fun because we fed the ducks chips :P I also found a really pretty scarf with butterflies on it so I'm going to buy it on Monday with my babysitting money from this Saturday :3
I got let out of biology early today as well because we did a test and I finished it early so my teacher let me go ^.^
I got home and the boots that mum ordered for me had come so I now have a really nice pair of dark brown boots :3 I'm super happy today :') it's been great :D DFTBA x

Thursday, 20 September 2012

You're using your headphones to drown out your mind

The title of this blog is from a song by one of my favourite artists; Eet by Regina Spektor :) It isn't like the normal stuff I listen to, like Guns n' Roses, Yashin, All Time Low & Lostprophets but in all fairness my music taste is VERY odd. I listen to heavy rock, classic rock, almost folk music (Hudson Taylor & Orla Gartland, CHECK THEM OUT.) and loads of other music :) its nice having lots of genres to listen to as it gives me music to listen to no matter what mood I'm in :)
Today was actually pretty fun! :) got to have a Starbucks again which made me happy :D plus I got to hang around with my friends which makes me very happy ^o^ I had good lessons today as well which is awesome :) I got my funny and cool teacher for English lit as well so its been a good day :3 I have quite a bit of work to do now though which sucks! D: so I should get on with that now :P DFTBA x

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesdays are awesome!!!

We have a thing called enrichment on wednesday afternoons at college, they're extra curricular activities that cover sports and charities and music and even yoga! It's great because I get to finish at 2.30 instead of 4!! I do latin for mine :) Latin is great! It's so interesting to see how similar our words are compared to theirs :D but after enrichment today me & my friends went down to the field by the river and had so much fun, they had cider but I don't drink so I didn't really have any :) but watching them do the conga and just be generally weird was fun :) probably not the best idea to get tipsy around 3 in the afternoon but ya xD it was good fun all in all anyway :) I'm going now because I'm shattered from too many late nights :( talk tomorrow! DFTBA x

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Dum de dum de dum

Not much to say about today really!! This morning was fun, starbucks and then park with a couple of friends and then we got chocolate in biology!! :D we got to watch the film version of Macbeth in English which was awesome, the actress that plays Lady Macbeth is so good, she's mental and it's brilliant! Classic civs was good, I'm actually understanding it which is pretty awesome :D
After college I went back to my old school for some very late awards ceremony and it was so nice to see all of my old friends and teachers again :) admittedly going back, I miss everyone loads and it feels like I never left but I do like college, I just need to get more friends because I have a few but I don't have people to hang around with in all of my frees which means I'm a loner for some of them which sucks D; I get to learn more Latin tomorrow which is going to be so awesome!!! :D so excited :3 it's really interesting and different :) but yeah, sorry that this post isn't very exciting, today wasnt super special & not much interesting stuff happened which is rubbish! D:

Monday, 17 September 2012

It's been a hard day's night

After not getting back from babysitting on Saturday until 2, waking up early Sunday and a full day of college today I'm completely shattered! College was great as always, we had a fire alarm in English which was funny :P missed about 10 minutes of the lesson! :D
I had to go back and help at brownies today, it's so tiring! They seem to have limitless energy and all they do is run and shout and it's just mental .___. Fun though, just mental :P
I'm going to die of exhaustion if I stay up much longer so I'll blog tomorrow :) bye! DFTBA x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

My oh my, what a wonderful day!

I finally got to see my boy again today!!! :') I'm so unbelievably happy now it's unreal :) I got more American sweets again :D and I GOT A MOUSTACHE BADGE & KEYRING. I also got strawberry lip balm that tastes of strawberry milkshake :3 and loads of cute stickers including pandas, hedgehogs and kittens with jumpers :') so cute!! I'm also going to a gig with two of the guys from college which is going to be awesome :') I'm just worried they won't want to be seen with me ever again once they see what I'm like at gigs xD oh well, it's gonna be fun!! I'm beyond excited! :D DFTBA! x

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Crappy day

Today is actually the worst day I've had since starting college I think :( life has been amazing, I've got some great friends and great lessons with amazing teachers! Even the homework isn't so bad :) but I just can't believe that one thing can fuck up my mood in an instance :( I mean, I'm meant to be one of her best friends right? Yet she can't be bothered to say that she can't come and see me today before she leaves. I think I'm the only one she hasn't seen as well. It just brings back old feelings about being excluded from the group and not feeling like I belong with them :/ I've always been the odd one out, never fully in the group because of where I live, or my gender, or now what school/sixth form I'm at :/ it's just crap :( I just want to be happy again like I was yesterday :/ I hate that my mood will change within minutes and then it won't get better for a while :( its just crap. pure crap. Sorry for this, I just need to get this out somewhere that my parents and that girl won't find it :(

Not what I was expecting from today

So I was meant to meet up with my friend who's heading off to Uni on Tuesday and she never told me the times to meet and she now won't pick up my calls so I can't actually meet with her :/ it's really crap because it's been ages since I've seen her and it'll now be ages since I'll see her again :/ I just don't get why she couldn't have told me that she couldn't/didn't want to meet up :( sorry for the rant/moan, not in a particularly good mood and I have stomach cramps that are like being kicked repeatedly in the tummy :/ so yeah, I'll probably blog later because I'm babysitting and I'll be bored. DFTBA people x

Friday, 14 September 2012


I'm so hyper today it's unreal! Also very very happy because I finally have a group of amazing friends who are just awesome at college! :') well, they have to be awesome to not have imploded after spending a week with me ;D but yeah! College is amazing and it's just so much fun and ugh I never want to leave and I don't want them to leave and it's just AMAZING! :D
I got to have a bacon sandwich for late breakfast today, a picnic for my friend's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!) and then cake in biology! Lemon drizzle cake is the best...mmm :3
I got a bottle of diet lemonade for 69p today too which I thought was awesome xD
But yeah :P I fainted in my first history lesson last Friday, and my teacher, Tristan won't let me live it down, he mentions it every lesson! D: I also have a friend who also isn't letting me live this down (Luc, I know you read this :P YOU BASTARD! :D oh, and by the way, BAAAACON!) so yeah, that's entertaining :D but college is just flipping awesome and I love it so much, I'm so happy I didn't stay at my sixth form, college is soooooo much better! I miss my friends back at school obviously but college is just WAY too awesome :') and they don't give out cake in lessons every week at my old school ;D
So yeah! DFTBA people!!! :3 x

Thursday, 13 September 2012


So I'm on the train to college at the moment and I've got separated from my friends which kinda sucks :P but the train is full so I'm sitting with loads of people that I don't know around me and no one is talking! I find this strange, why cant people just start conversations with people they don't know? I know I'm being really hypocritical as I'm not talking either, but I just don't understand why people don't talk to others that they don't know! That's how you make friends, right? One of my best friends at college and I met the first day when we were getting the train! And that seems to have worked out fine! I just find it strange because 20/30 years ago people would talk to everyone and know everyone, or just be civil and say morning when they passed people, heck, my mum still does it! I just don't get why it's all just disappeared and it's seen as weird to talk to new people! Anyway, rant over, train is almost at my stop! DFTBA! x

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


So I wore my awesome free hugs top to college today and I actually got a hug off a friend which is awesome :3 it's a pretty cool top, it has a cactus on it with a sign around its neck saying free hugs! It's so cute :')
We basically had a medieval/shakespearean history lesson in English lit today which is awesome because I love around those time periods :3 I prefer the ancient Romans/Greeks obviously but the medieval/Shakespearean times are really interesting too ^.^ but yeah, because we're doing Macbeth/Hamlet, we were learning about witch hunting and roles of women and all this sort of stuff which really interests me! ^.^ so yeah, I love all of my classes as I have some cool friends in all of my subjects now which is nice :) I just don't have friends to hang around with at breaks and lunch which kinda sucks :/ but I'll find people eventually! :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Around the world in 80 days

So according to my stats, my blog has been viewed in USA and Canada! HI GUYS FROM OVER THE POND. YOU'RE AWESOME! I've also had views in awesome places in Europe like France, Spain, Germany and Finland! I WANT TO SWIM THE CHANNEL TO MEET YOU GUYS AND GIVE YOU A HUG. And Russia!!! PLEASE LET ME COME AND VISIT YOU GUYS. I WANT PROPER SNOW THAT'S REALLY DEEP SO I CAN GET LOST IN IT. I've also had views from Indonesia and Malaysia, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! So yeah, my blog has officially almost been around the whole of the world which is awesome ;D just need a Southern American, Australian/New Zealander, someone from Asia and Africa then I'll have someone from everywhere! ^.^ this makes me rather happy :3 I love you guys! DFTBA! (you guys are already awesome anyway ;D)

Sunday, 9 September 2012


My blog is a month old now! :3 this makes me rather happy as it shows I haven't run out of things to say and my life isn't as totally boring as I always think of it to be xD so yeah, if you've been reading it from the start or have only just stumbled across it by some freak accident that may or may not cause your brain to explode with awesomeness/weirdness then thank you for choosing my weird blog to look at! :P
Hopefully in the next few months something exciting will happen that will make a good blog post! So ya, see you guys then! :) (or whenever I feel like blogging, which will no doubt be either later on today or tomorrow)
DFTBA! x (if you're a nerdfighter like me and understand that, then I salute you)

Saturday, 8 September 2012


I'm absolutely shatter after the last 3 days of college (it has been awesome though), no idea how I'm going to be after a whole week! :o
So basically, my classic civs teacher is amazing, my English lit teacher is amazing, my ancient history teacher is pretty awesome and my biology teacher is cool :) this year should be the best!! I've made at least one friend in each class too which is nice because I have someone to talk to now :) and I have outside of class friends too, including a couple in the year above :3 I'm happy ^.^
I passed out when we were outside in ancient history because it was too hot though...but they didn't make a big deal out of it which was great ^.^ everyone was really nice to me afterwards too so I'm happy about that :)
Mum got me this gorgeous blue & while jumper and a navy gilet today, I'm so happy because they're gorgeous and so cute ^.^ I really can't wait for winter/autumn now! Autumn is my favourite season too so yay!
I don't get to see my boyfriend tomorrow now which I'm quite disappointed about tbh :/ don't know if I'll get to see him next week either because I'm meeting up with one of my best friends who is off to Uni week after next so I don't know if I'm going to be able to have both days off :( hopefully I can then I get to see them both which will be awesome! :D I also get to see my other friend who is heading off to Uni too on Friday so that will be cool :)
P.S. sorry about the cruddy pictures, I swear they're nicer in person!! ;D they're so comfy though, and the gilet is (fake, obviously) fur lines and it's so warm and just Ajdkckabdf.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Day 2!

So finally got to have lessons today, and may I say that I am so looking forward to the next 2 years :') my teachers are crazy, swear like there's no tomorrow and have no shame whatsoever :') it's so brilliant it's unreal :3 so, in classics we ended up discussing why a town mysteriously died for no reason, and got on to the topic of Atlantis which was just awesome :'3 then in English Lit we were talking about our favourite books and the hunger games, perks of being a wallflower, the fault in our stars and benedict cumberbatch came up :') such a good start to college ^.^ the guy I was sitting next to actually knew what Cumberbitches were! I almost exploded with happiness!! :') so yeah, school is awesome :) the only problem is that I have lunch & then a free tomorrow so I have 3 hours solid of nothing and I don't know many people so I'm going to be on my own for my free :( I'm showing my friend Danni how I do my make up at lunch which will be exciting! ^.^ so yeah, I have one good friend which I'm happy with, shame she isn't doing any of my courses though :( oh well! :) I spend lunch with her which is good :3

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

College!! :D

So, I started college today! And you know I was super nervous? IT WAS AMAZING!! :D so happy I moved schools :') I got a friend on the train there and met some of her friends which is awesome :3 then I have a great form and the people in my form are really friendly ^.^ my form tutor is crazy too and she's obsessed with moustaches which is just extra awesome :') I don't actually have to go in until 12.55 tomorrow so I get to go back to my old school and see everyone! :3 I'm so happy ^.^

Monday, 3 September 2012


Eek! Dad ordered the avengers on DVD! I'm beyond excited :') it's such a great film, I went to see it twice! ^o^
I had my hair cut today though, I've got a proper straight across fringe and I love it ^.^ I think it looks really good :3
I start college on Wednesday and I still have so much work to finish, it's crazy! I've had to write so much for English lit & I'm still not done yet! o: I had to write down the books I've read in the last 6 months and my list is so long!
I also had to say what I thought literature was, so my question for you guys, What do you think Literature is? And How would you decide if a book is literature or not? :)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

-le cry-

Anyway, IM BACK! After 3 days of washing up, chasing after 7-10 year olds and general housework, I'm finally back from my brownie pack holiday! I'm so tired, I haven't been getting to sleep until after 1 for the last 2 nights, and adding the fact that I was working all day, it really knackers you out! But yeah, almost time to go back to school and to be perfectly honest I'm so excited but scared at the same time >.< I'm going to try blogging between school and life but obviously school comes first, especially seeing as the next 2 years are the most important yet! But I'll try and do different things like outfit posts and things like that to keep it interesting and different :)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Brownie holiday- day 2

I had to wake up early today which was not fun. I don't do mornings at the best of times .___. But bacon sandwiches make everything better :3
We're currently on some cruddy man made beach by a lake which is horrible as its covered in litter and strange people so I'm pretty happy we're going in a bit! :) the best thing was ice cream- I got mint choc chip which is one of my favourites :D