Friday, 14 September 2012


I'm so hyper today it's unreal! Also very very happy because I finally have a group of amazing friends who are just awesome at college! :') well, they have to be awesome to not have imploded after spending a week with me ;D but yeah! College is amazing and it's just so much fun and ugh I never want to leave and I don't want them to leave and it's just AMAZING! :D
I got to have a bacon sandwich for late breakfast today, a picnic for my friend's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!) and then cake in biology! Lemon drizzle cake is the best...mmm :3
I got a bottle of diet lemonade for 69p today too which I thought was awesome xD
But yeah :P I fainted in my first history lesson last Friday, and my teacher, Tristan won't let me live it down, he mentions it every lesson! D: I also have a friend who also isn't letting me live this down (Luc, I know you read this :P YOU BASTARD! :D oh, and by the way, BAAAACON!) so yeah, that's entertaining :D but college is just flipping awesome and I love it so much, I'm so happy I didn't stay at my sixth form, college is soooooo much better! I miss my friends back at school obviously but college is just WAY too awesome :') and they don't give out cake in lessons every week at my old school ;D
So yeah! DFTBA people!!! :3 x

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