Saturday, 15 September 2012

Crappy day

Today is actually the worst day I've had since starting college I think :( life has been amazing, I've got some great friends and great lessons with amazing teachers! Even the homework isn't so bad :) but I just can't believe that one thing can fuck up my mood in an instance :( I mean, I'm meant to be one of her best friends right? Yet she can't be bothered to say that she can't come and see me today before she leaves. I think I'm the only one she hasn't seen as well. It just brings back old feelings about being excluded from the group and not feeling like I belong with them :/ I've always been the odd one out, never fully in the group because of where I live, or my gender, or now what school/sixth form I'm at :/ it's just crap :( I just want to be happy again like I was yesterday :/ I hate that my mood will change within minutes and then it won't get better for a while :( its just crap. pure crap. Sorry for this, I just need to get this out somewhere that my parents and that girl won't find it :(

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