Monday, 10 September 2012

Around the world in 80 days

So according to my stats, my blog has been viewed in USA and Canada! HI GUYS FROM OVER THE POND. YOU'RE AWESOME! I've also had views in awesome places in Europe like France, Spain, Germany and Finland! I WANT TO SWIM THE CHANNEL TO MEET YOU GUYS AND GIVE YOU A HUG. And Russia!!! PLEASE LET ME COME AND VISIT YOU GUYS. I WANT PROPER SNOW THAT'S REALLY DEEP SO I CAN GET LOST IN IT. I've also had views from Indonesia and Malaysia, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! So yeah, my blog has officially almost been around the whole of the world which is awesome ;D just need a Southern American, Australian/New Zealander, someone from Asia and Africa then I'll have someone from everywhere! ^.^ this makes me rather happy :3 I love you guys! DFTBA! (you guys are already awesome anyway ;D)

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