Friday, 21 September 2012

It's Friday!! :D

Today was AWESOME. I got to go to Starbucks in first lesson when I had my free :D it's really cold in the mornings at the moment so I got a peppermint mocha and it felt like Christmas! :3 the people working there had Harry Potter name tags and the people there were Malfoy, Lupin and Snape today :D
My friend came in to our ancient history class and sat in there for the whole thing, it was such an awesome lesson! :)
We got to sit by the river at lunch/in the free and it was great fun because we fed the ducks chips :P I also found a really pretty scarf with butterflies on it so I'm going to buy it on Monday with my babysitting money from this Saturday :3
I got let out of biology early today as well because we did a test and I finished it early so my teacher let me go ^.^
I got home and the boots that mum ordered for me had come so I now have a really nice pair of dark brown boots :3 I'm super happy today :') it's been great :D DFTBA x

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