Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I have a new website love!
Pinterest is a bit like tumblr without all of the crazy fandom stuff. If you find a picture you like, you 'pin' in to one of the boards you have created on your wall (not sure what it's officially called but you put boards on your wall, right?) and you can re-pin other people's pictures, add your own and then others can re-pin those! It's rather addictive though and all of the pictures on there are so's like my nice wish tumblr filled with the things I wish my blog looked like if it wasn't a multi-fandom mess!
I find loads of recipes, quotes, famous pieces of art, unknown art, doodles, clothes, room designs and loads more on there so it's just fantastic!
If you don't have Pinterest, get it! If you do, follow me at TheAdorableDork as per usual!
Jess xx

P.S. Sorry about it taking so long to upload a new post, I have crazy amounts of work and revision. Expect the next post Friday at the earliest!
P.P.S. I also found out that I get my January exam results back on Thursday - EEP. I'm so unbelievably nervous, I'm certain I failed biology.

Monday, 25 February 2013

My weekend!

First off, sorry I haven't been blogging for a little while, life and homework took over for once!
I finally met Kate ( on Saturday which was awesome. We started talking on BlogSpot in September ish, then twitter and finally Facebook around October time. We went for a shopping trip around Guildford with the limited money we both had and it ended up being a great day of laughing at horrible clothes and buying some amazing stuff!
Being me, and it being Guildford, I obviously bought some American sweets (who would have guessed?!) for about £8! I was quite proud, I was expecting to buy so much more because I've recently been having withdrawal symptoms and cravings for American sweets which isn't good!

There were a few sweets that didn't make it home for the picture...
all very yummy though!
Only 2 packs of Swedish fish, most of the Nerds, 2 Laffy Taffy strips, the can of Mello Yello and half a bottle of Pineapple Fanta left now! I go through sweets so fast despite being diabetic! (My blood sugar is still under pretty good control though which is awesome!) I also originally had another can of Mello Yello and a pack of berry Starburst (SO GOOD.)

I also bought a gorgeous dress from New Look for £13, because of my Student Card I got it for £11! I'm still not completely sure about what I'm going to wear with it but I'll find something eventually, it's gorgeous!

Thankfully changing rooms have good lighting so I could get a decent picture of an outfit for once!

How cute is the pattern on the dress?! I just fell in love with it!

I love the navy and bows, 2 of my favourite things when it comes to clothing! It's so cute with the white collar as well, I love it!

I also went to a party with my old school friends Saturday night which was a lot of fun! I do love how I can go back to them and it will always feel the same being back with them! Annoyingly because of my horrible cold and sore throat, I had to leave early, but when I was there, it was awesome!

On the Friday, I went to the Crew warehouse sale at Ascot Racecourse with my parents and I got some super pretty stuff - it's all been taken and hidden away until my birthday so you'll have to wait until then to see any of it! I can say that I've found a new love in the form of a dress that I tried on though, it's perfect and I'm in love with it!

I spent quite a lot of Sunday doing homework but I also went to John Lewis and also found such a pretty purse from Radley but that is also being saved for my birthday! It's adorable though!
I did find some Kate Spade mugs when I was looking around and they were super cute - £20 for a mug though! It's a shame because if they were cheaper, I would have probably got one! They also had some really nice paperweights and keyrings too - why does Kate Spade all have to be so pretty and stylish and expensive?! Why why why?!

Hopefully I'll be more up to date with my blogging now though! I miss it so much when I don't blog - even for a day or two!
Jess xx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Bon bons and sherbet dip!

It's always a market on Thursdays in town where I go to college and there's always a really awesome sweet stall! Nearly every week, I buy a bag of blue raspberry bon bons because they're my favourite and they're just amazing! They're one of my favourite non-American sweets! Those and Alphabet sweets and Rosy good!
I also had a sherbet fountain today! I haven't had one in so long and they're still so good!!! I miss all of the awesome old sweets, they used to be the best!
I've got ANOTHER sore throat/cold so I feel a bit cruddy...early night I think!
Jess xx

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I'm back!

I hope you enjoyed my little group of posts, it was really fun doing it actually! Now to catch up with life!

It's my birthday in a month!
I'm actually so excited, I get to start officially driving! I sorted out my health form today so hopefully that doesn't take too long to process, then I can get my provisional!! I'm scared but excited about starting to drive on the roads...hopefully all goes well!!
I also hit 3,000 views so I'm super happy! I can't believe I only started this 6 and a half months ago and it's amazing!
I also got my Classics essay that I did before half term back and I got 39/45 which is 1 mark off an A so I'm super happy! I'm predicted an A so it's really good!
I'm finally getting to meet Kate on Saturday!! We're going shopping for the day which is going to be super fun, I can't wait! It's going to be the first time we've met so I'm really nervous and excited! It'll be so awkward if we don't recognise each other though! People always look different in the flesh so it'll be awesome and interesting to finally meet!

I also was walking to the train station today and I saw this in a shop window!

I want to hug the maker of that sign!
I found it so funny because I wasn't paying attention then I saw it, did a double take and had to take s photo!!

Another thing I found in Tesco's today were these! BBQ LLAMA CRACKERS.

So yummy, AND LLAMA SHAPED. What more could you want?!
I keep walking downstairs when I'm writing this and grabbing little handfuls of llamas because they taste so good and they're addictive too!!!!!!
I'm mentoring a year 11 at a local secondary school tomorrow so I have to try and find my way there from college...Google maps is my only friend!!!

It's amazing what you miss in 4 days! I've also finished my English coursework and it's under word limit which is such a huge relief!
My ancient history teacher also let me call what is essentially the Spartan's secret assassins the 'Super ninja death squad' and he said it was right! I was so proud of myself! It's also funny because I'm now going to actually remember what it is!

Jess xx

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

And toes!

So this is my last instalment in my little series of four posts! I hope you guys have enjoyed! I'm actually so surprised at how many pairs of shoes I have! However, a girl can never have too many shoes!

Due to the colder weather, I've practically been living in boots since about November. They're great for keeping your legs warm and they look great!

From left to right: Brown suede calf length boots from Next
Sheep wool boots (NOT UGGS) from Celtic
Brown snow boots from Snow and Rock
Brown suede calf length high heeled boots from Next
From left to right: Black biker style boots from H&M
Brown ankle boots from Johnnie B
Brown wool lined ankle boots from Johnnie B
Blue high heeled ankle boots from Marks and Spencer
These brown suede boots are some of my favourites ever. Before they decided to die on me, they were the most comfortable things alive and I would wear them everywhere. Unfortunately they've worn out quite a lot and the backs are shredded inside, producing quite evil blisters!
My parents bought me these as either a Christmas or Birthday present a few years ago and I loved them. I also take pride in the fact that they aren't Ugg boots so they're good quality with a decent tread so they can actually be used for walking as well as looking great!
My snow boots have literally been life savers during the snow and ice in the last month. They're warm and furry inside so they keep me snug whilst stopping me from falling flat on my bum! Most snow boots look like something out of a cheaply made Sci-fi film from the 70's, mine just look like regular boots which is great!
These heeled boots are the replacement pair for the other brown boots and boy do they fill in! Despite having quite a bit heel for an every day shoe, they're really comfortable! Plus they make your legs look longer and better!
My black boots have come in very handy at gigs! They're light and don't make your feet sweat and they have pretty big treads so you can stand on the feet of the annoying idiots that push against your back trying to get closer to the stage! The toe is also quite tough so if people tread on your feet, it doesn't hurt as much!
These are some of my favourite ankle boots to wear casually with a dress or skirt because they give a cute western-style look. They're super comfy but it takes a few tries to get the fastening straps done up right!
My fluffy ankle boots are great. The wool only surrounds the top so they keep your ankles warm which is always good!
My blue heeled boots are so cute because they're quite dark blue so they go with a lot of things! They also have zips up the side instead of having to use the laces which is always handy!

I'm starting to fall in love with pumps. I didn't really used to wear them but I really like the cute and casual look they have and I just wish I had more pairs!

From left to right: Navy boat shoes from Crew
Blue pumps from New Look
Red pumps from New Look
Black star canvas pumps from New Look
I love to wear the boat shoes with my pink 3/4 length jeans I showed yesterday, they look so cute and nice together and they're perfect for a summer day!
These blue pumps are gorgeous and the little black bow just tops them off. They go so nicely with most things because of the black detailing. I love them!
The red pumps can be such a great splash of colour in a boring and dull outfit. The thin soles means that they're easy to fit in to a handbag if I need a pair of emergency flats at a party!
The black canvas pumps were such a bargain! I got them for £5 a few years ago and they're still going strong! Proof that you don't need expensive stuff to find quality (Although it is nice to be able to say you own something of a top-end brand, am I right?!) that lasts a long while!

Summer shoes
I love having a few pairs of shoes that are specifically for Summer, just like my snow boots are just for Winter! It's great being able to have a change from the enclosed shoes to opened toed and light shoes.
From left to right: Floral wedges from New Look
Gold sandals from Marks and Spencer
Brown leather high heels from H by Henry Holland at Debenhams
I don't usually like wedges but I saw these floral ones in the New Look sale last year and I HAD to have them. Only £5 as well! New Look do some amazing bargains on shoes! I love the way the floral pattern is on the whole of wedge instead of being the usual rope effect on them.
I don't normally wear sandals but I really like these because they have a back which means that my heel isn't flopping about all over the place and the shoes don't fall off! absolutely perfect!
I actually bought these for a Valentine's date last year but I still love them! They're comfy but not good for walking a lot in! I love that they're leather because they have such a nice worn look which makes them look natural. It also means that they soften when you wear them so they aren't all stiff like other shoes tend to be.

I have an unreal love for Converse. They're the only trainer type shoe I will wear and I have so many pretty colours; I almost own the rainbow in converse!!

From left to right: Purple high tops, Black pattern high tops,
Teal low tops, Green low tops, Red heart pattern low tops
I got the purple high tops as an early Christmas present when my black patterned pair gave up and died after ages of constant wearing. I love both pairs of high tops and they're awesome because they give the ankle a bit more support than the low tops.
I got both the teal and green pair of low tops in a sale at Office in Windsor. I decided it would be fun to wear one of each colour on each foot and it looked really awesome! Sadly, it ended up that one pair looked dirtier than the other so it looked silly to mx and match the pairs.
My family found the coolest website where you can make your own converse about 2 years ago, so each of us made ourselves a pair and I created a pair of red low tops with little white hearts all over them! My mum made the cutest pair with cupcakes on them...I still have to steal them off her sometime because we're the same size in shoe!

Party shoes!
There are some shoes that you just can't wear unless you're at a party. Luckily, I have a few pairs that are awesome just for this purpose! This is one reason where I find it perfectly acceptable to splurge on a really nice, comfy pair of heels just perfect for parties and similar gatherings.

From left to right: Black leather Lita boots from Jeffrey Campbell
Platform heels from Lipsy
Peep toe lace bow heels from Ted Baker
My Jeffrey Campbell's, as sad as it sounds, are ones of my prized possessions. Mum bought them for me after I pestered her for a pair for about a week before I tried them on in the shop and declared that they were perfection!! These boots have the biggest platform I've ever seen on them!! The boots make me about 6"0 compared to my usual 5"7 and they're the most comfortable heels I've ever bought. I can usually last an hour and a half in heels before they hurt my feet; I can last at least 3 hours in my Jeffrey Campbell's.
I originally bought the Lipsy shoes for Prom, but I found I couldn't wear them for long enough to be able to be comfortable the whole night. Luckily, they were good enough to become great party shoes because they look fantastic with some of my dresses I own!
The Ted Baker shoes were my Prom shoes in the end. The peep toe meant that essentially standing on my tip toes for hours on end wasn't as painful as it may have been. The lace bow is the cutest thing on the top and I love them because they aren't too high either, but they're high enough.

So that's the end of it! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading and looking through my wardrobe (or some of it anyway...) and hopefully I can come up with something vaguely similar to do in the future because it's been great knowing what to write for the last five days!
Jess xx

Monday, 18 February 2013


Only one day left after this!! The second look at my wardrobe!

I pretty much live in jeans. They're comfy, warm and look good without having to do much. I like having my legs covered because it gets pretty cold when they aren't so trousers and jeans are the best things for it!

From left to right: Dark blue straight leg denim jeans from Next
Black skinny jeans from Red Herring, Debenhams
Pink 3/4 length jeans from Crew
White cropped trousers from Marks and Spencer

My blue jeans are my current go to. They look good with most things but I have to wear my light blue jeans (not shown here) with dark coloured tops.
My black jeans can either show a rocker look or a cute look, depending on the top!
My pink 3/4 lengths are amazing. They finish just below my knees and they're tight fitting so they look really nice! I love wearing them with navy and white because it just works together!
My white trousers are less tight than my other trousers, perfect for warm summer days!

I don't wear shorts much anymore, and for that reason I only have a couple of pairs.

Left: from Dorothy Perkins
Right: from Hollister
The Dorothy Perkins pair are a good length and the roll up bottom bits are really nice because they stop them being baggy!
Despite being pretty short, even for shorts, the Hollister pair are really good for hot days and they aren't as short as they look! I love the ripped detail on them, gives them a worn and casual look that I love.

I wear skirts a lot in the winter, it's the same as dresses! I really don't understand myself sometimes.

From the top, clockwise: Blue floral skirt from Johnnie B
White and navy skirt from Hollister
Denim jean skirt from Next
Brown, pink & purple plaid skirt from Crew
The floral skirt is really nice and swishy! It's also quite short which is nice for the summer, it also goes nicely with boots and leggings in the winter!
The Hollister skirt has layers underneath which makes it flay out a bit and I love that! It's cute and flirty and it has flower cut out details over the whole thing which is really nice!
The denim skirt is good for edgy looks with black boots or heels! For when you want to look edgy/rocker and you don't want to wear jeans again!
I actually wore the crew skirt to my college interview so obviously it can be dressed up to look smart! It can also be dressed down to look cute and girly though.

I don't wear tights because they hurt my feet, so instead I wear leggings with skirts! They're so much warmer and they're darker than normal tights too, it's also good because you don't have to worry about flashing people as much!
Leggings are also great for when you just want something comfy to wear out or to lounge around in at the weekend.

Lounge trousers
My best investment yet. I wear these when I'm at home revising or just lounging around (hence the name) and they're honestly the comfiest things I own!
Plaid lounge trousers from Johnnie B
I love these so much, I wear them all the time when I'm at home all weekend and I just love them!!

I'll be back tomorrow for my final instalment of the four!
Jess xx

Sunday, 17 February 2013


I've had some good feedback with the last one so hopefully this goes well!
Time to take a look in my actual wardrobe!

In school, we always complained about having to wear blazers, but now I'm not forced to wear them, I love them! It's weird right?! I think they look so cute and sophisticated at the same time!

Navy blazer from Crew and Beige cord blazer from Crew
(also with Chip & Dale top underneath from H&M)
My navy blazer is so cute and I love the white rim around the edges, it's kind of nautical which I love!!
The cord one is also amazing, as is the top! The blazer has the most awesome details on the buttons too!

Pretty tops
I like to wear things that look cute but sophisticated so I try to buy things that fit with that look!

Both tops are from a really cute boutique near college!

Cardigan from Debenhams and stripy navy 3/4 length sleeved top from Crew
I've shown the top two tops before but I've fallen in love with them! The polka dot shirt is a bit baggy so it needs a belt around it to make it look right on me. The penguin top is just amazing, I love it so much and it just looks so cute!
This is one of my favourite top combinations that I wear. The top also goes really well with the navy blazer above!

Casual t-shirts
We all have those days where you just can't be bothered to make an effort with getting dressed so you throw on a baggy top. As a self-confessed dork/nerd, I have a pretty big collection (the ones shown in the pic are probably a third of the amount I have) of weird band tops/funny tops/fan tops.

From top left (clockwise): I know kung fu (and 15 other languages) top from Newbreed Girl
Jody has a Hitlist band top from a gig!
Ninja and Dinosaur top from TK Maxx
Moustaches of the world top from Topshop
'I wear a Stetson now, Stetsons are cool' Doctor who top from a Doctor who shop in the Isle of Wight!
I love wearing my weird tops, they're just nice to wear on weekends if I'm just doing homework.
As well as a Doctor who top, I have a couple of Harry Potter tops too!  I also have way too many band tops from various gigs I've been to!
TK Maxx is also amazing for getting cheap graphic tops like my dinosaur/ninja top, I bought this one for £8!

Jumpers/fluffy clothes!!
I get quite cold normally so I love my jumpers, cardigans and other fluffy tops that I have!

Grey waterfall cardigan from Crew
Blue & white striped jumper and navy gilet from Fat Face
Pink and Teal V neck jumpers from Crew
Knitted jumper dress from Crew
As you've probably gathered by now, I like my Crew clothing. Its cute but still looks stylish and sophisticated!
The waterfall cardigan is so warm! I usually wear it with a belt round the middle because it looks really nice when it's pulled in more but it's also good for lazy pyjama days and you just need something to wrap around yourself.
I bought the jumper and gilet together from a shop in Reading and I just love them. Its a cute design on the jumper with mini hearts in the stripes and the gilet is also super warm because it has wool (or something like that) on the inside!!
The Crew V neck jumpers are my favourite pieces of clothing ever. I've had the pink one for quite a while and I really wanted more colours so I could wear them with more as it was so pretty and cute. For Christmas, my Grandma bought me the green one; the one out of the selection I loved the most! They're really great because you can wear them with a cami underneath or a white shirt or whatever really! I find a white shirt or a black cami looks the best though.
The jumper dress is great because it can almost pass for a Christmas jumper with the print it has! This is a really nice piece of clothing because you can wear it over leggings or jeans and it'll still look great!

I'm a massive girly girl who can never resist a pretty dress! I'm just very weird in the fact that I seem to wear dresses more in the winter and autumn than the summer...

Blue/green dress from Crew, Pink dress from West One

Black dove dress from Shikha London
I love the floral designs on the first two dresses, it's so pretty! But patterns are always good too!
Obviously had to add one in from Crew! It's light and the skirt is tiered so it's swishy which I love!
The pink one is on of my favourites ever. The top has a really pretty tie up detail and its swishy again!
The dove dress is so pretty but quite reserved with the high neck line. This one has a straight skirt but its light material anyway!

I can say that I have an obsession with scarves. I have over 20, I'm sure! They really are one of the best accessories and they bring some outfits together completely. Scarves are so good for when it's cold but not arctic temperatures (obviously then scarves, hats and gloves are compulsory!) but you still need that little extra bit to stay warm.

From left to right: Green scarf from Fat Face
Butterfly scarf from boutique near college
Squirrel scarf from Crew
Floral scarf from a second hand shop in my village
Owl scarf from New Look
Floral scarf from Cara
I bought the green scarf at the same shop as the gilet and jumper, just ages before! I got it with a cute stripy vest top and they look so good together!
I had my eye on the butterfly scarf for about 2 weeks before I finally had enough money to buy it (thank you babysitting...) and it's so good because it goes with so many of my clothes! My English teacher actually asked where I got it from (she's pretty well dressed so it's a good thing!) so I'm pretty proud of myself!
My grandma also bought me the squirrel scarf for Christmas and I love it! The pattern is so cute and it's warmer than most scarves of this sort.
I got the floral one at a late night shopping last year, I saw it and instantly fell in love! I actually wear it most with the grey cardigan and stripy navy top above!
The owls are so cute it's unreal! It's also a really pretty colour that goes with quite a lot so I'm happy I bought it!
The orange floral is the first scarf I bought on a shopping trip with friends and afterwards, I realised  didn't have anything it goes with so I went to New Look and bought a £2.50 orange cami to go with it!

I own so much jewellery but I don't wear it that often which is strange because I love most of the pieces I have!

From left to right: Johnny get the Gun guitar pick
Dove necklace
Cornish silver chain
Silver heart pendant
Heart and bow necklace
Cross pendant
Owl necklace
For the Foxes guitar pick
Johnny get the Gun are one of my favourite bands out there. I have 2 of them on facebook and last year they sent me their CD for free along with a sticker and 2 more guitar picks (not on string!). It was also signed which is awesome!
The Dove necklace was a present from a friend who went to Canada. I was given it about 5 years ago but only started wearing it about 2 years ago when my it fit in with my clothing style.
My grandma and granddad gave me this chain when I went to Cornwall with them and my family when I was about 10. It holds some sentimental value too; I still remember being given it in the kitchen of the holiday home we were staying in!
I bought the heart on holiday from one of the many National Trust and English Heritage places me and my family visit! I can't remember which place it was from but I know it was one of them!
I bought this from Claire's because I found it so cute; it has 'I love you' written on it in 5 or so languages! It also makes a tinkly noise when you walk whilst wearing it which is both awesome and really annoying!
I got the cross from the gift shop by a part of Hadrian's wall I visited! I'm not religious but my younger self thought it was pretty (still do!) and bought it!
The owl necklace is from Accessorize and I love it because it has slightly wonky feathers instead of being all perfect and the same like the rest of them! Me in necklace form I think!
I got the final one from the Mayday Parade gig I went to last October. I bought a piece of merch from each band that played and this is what I got from For the Foxes! They're really good and the lead singer was such a nice person!

So that's shoulders done! If you've read this far then give yourself a pat on the back and a cookie - I barely made it this far!
Thanks for reading!
Jess xx

Saturday, 16 February 2013


So this post is going to be the first of four! I've never done anything like this before so if it's a bit rubbish, bear with!

I have quite a lot of hats. I have poofy hair that's too short to put up so if it's a bit strange looking, or I just can't be bothered in the morning, I'll put a hat on; simple! I mainly wear beanies/berets because they look cute and they're light but warm!
I have roughly around 20 hats but I really only wear 6 because they go with nearly everything and can look cute or a bit edgy which I like!

My most worn and favourite hats!

Make up
I don't really wear a lot of make up, but when I do its mostly quite subtle so people don't realise anyway! I have a few favourite products I use the most often:

Alice in Wonderland palette from Urban Decay and
Brush set from Ruby and Millie
I was given this Alice in Wonderland eyeshadow palette for either a birthday or Christmas by a family member (I think it was my grandma...?) a while back and it's fantastic! I don't wear eyeshadow very often, but if I do, I wear one of these. The colours are quite subtle (minus the electric blue and purple, but who's counting them?!) so they're nice!! Plus having the black, grey and white means that I can do a really nice smoky eye!
The Ruby and Millie brush set is amazing! I mainly use the eye one (they're labelled with where they're meant to be used! So handy!) for the eyeshadow, but there's a thin one that is good for the corners and flicks in my smoky eye!

From left to right: Red Devil by 17, Plum Beautiful by No.7 and
Belle by 17
Recently I've been finding more outfits that I can use my red lipstick for as a statement piece (every outfit needs one, right?) and I'm loving it!! It's more of a pink-y red so it isn't as shocking but it still packs a punch when people see it!
Plum Beautiful was actually the first lipstick colour I got (present from a friend for my birthday a few years back) and I love it! It's darker than my lip colour so it's a nice way of being subtle but noticeable.
Belle was the first lipstick I bought and it's the exact shade of my lips so if I feel like putting on some make up without being noticeable, I'll wear this because it just gives my lips a nice shine.

Top to bottom: No.7 black waterproof mascara, Maybelline line definer black liquid eyeliner
and Bourjois black eye pencil
The most used 3 in my make up lot! My waterproof mascara is fantastic, it doesn't move unless I rub my eyes (I have a very annoying habit of doing this when wearing make up...) and it lengthens my lashes really well! It's just a shame that because of my glasses, you can't really see my eye make up very well!
My liquid eyeliner is so good, it's a little pointed sponge applicator that means you can make thin or thick lines and flicks which looks really good if you do it right!
My pencil eyeliner is good for under my eyes because it fades nicely to look like a natural line after a while!

So I hope you found this a little interesting and hopefully tomorrow will be a little better!
Jess xx

Friday, 15 February 2013

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes...

Today I was inspired by Sweet Lemon and their talk about fashion and just everything from clothes to arts to business!
I've decided to make a series of posts (One of each word in the title) dedicated to the clothes I wear! It's a bit of a spur-of-the-moment idea but if it goes right I think this will not only be really fun but actually quite entertaining! Plus it gives me a topic for 4 days in a row for my blog!! I don't know if its just me that finds this a cool idea but hopefully you guys will enjoy it!
It sounds a bit weird at the moment but hopefully it'll make a bit more sense tomorrow when I do the first post!
It's the first time I've tried to do anything like this so it's going to be a bit of fun! Crossed fingers it works out okay!
Jess xx

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

So! The day of love has arrived, and ironically, people either love it or hate it!
I personally have a bit of an apathy for can be an equally nice day if you don't have someone because it gives you an excuse to watch soppy rom coms and eat masses of chocolate! I just don't like the idea that there is a day where you're meant to show how much you love someone by how much you can spend on someone...surely it's just the market trying to make money out of people? If you're in a good relationship, you shouldn't need a day to prove you love someone, you should do it anyway!
A reason to love Valentine's day is the yummy food that comes out of it, namely the limited edition Starbucks hot chocolate, Strawberry chocolate kiss. It's hot chocolate with whipped cream and strawberry drizzle on top. It's so good, if a little bit sickly when you reach the syrup that sunk to the bottom...

So yummy!

Now on to another holiday, Easter! The malteaster bunnies are back...and this time they've brought out baby bunnies! They taste so good and they're so cute! They actually taste like malteasers instead of being like the big bunnies.

How cute?!
Just as a show of how small they are!!
I've finally finished my English essay for my coursework! I'm so happy because it's slightly under the word count, meaning I can use the remaining words on my creative writing piece! It's the reason I haven't had a life over the last few days so I'm happy it's over! I still need to mess around with the referencing but it won't take very long so I'm super happy!
Amazingly, I haven't been feeling totally bogged down by work which is strange, I think because I'm not worrying about it as much, I'm not feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work. I also wrote down everything I have to do so when I've completed stuff, I can cross it off the list and feel better because I can physically see how much I have left.
Yesterday, I found an online magazine called Sweet Lemon, it's fantastic! It's only been running since late 2011 and has 8 issues but each issue has roughly 100 pages, and online it takes quite a while to get through! For me, who likes older fashion styles made for people around 5 years older, I'm in love with this magazine that's built for young women. It has so many interesting articles and granted, it is aimed towards University graduates so I'm not really right for some of the articles, but most of them are awesome! There's a lot of interesting interviews with bloggers and successful women and lots of fashion based things which is really cool! I like looking through the picks from the different editors because they all have such different styles! It's good because it isn't the typical magazine telling you how to look better, what the latest celebrity gossip is etc. It's just different! Maybe because it's run by bloggers (including College Prep!) so it's put together like loads of posts! Whatever it is, I love it!!
I've managed to find my friends birthday presents, some up to 6 months late! I'm genuinely hopeless at finding presents so I'm really glad my mum has shown me the website where they're from! I can't post what they are because I know they read my blog! (Hi Katie, Julia and Phoebe!)
Anyway, I'm off because I've run out of interesting things to say!
Jess xx

Monday, 11 February 2013

Books and snow.

It snowed again today!! I'm not in college this week because of half term so I don't mind it! The flakes were massive so it looked really pretty outside!  I managed to catch one on my hoodie sleeve but it melted before I could take a picture of it!
I've managed to do quite a lot of work today which I'm really happy about, only Ancient history and English lit work to go! Well, and reading, but I don't really count that as work because it's fun and I enjoy it. I've also wanted to read Jane Eyre since I did it in play form at secondary school, my Grandma bought me a gorgeous version of the with really nice thick pages and such a pretty cover but sadly I never got time to read the whole thing! Luckily I'm getting to read it now and it's fantastic!
I've managed to fill my iPhone up, I've had to start taking songs and apps off my phone! :(
I'm seeing my old school friends tomorrow, I'm visiting when they're still in school which will be fun! More on that tomorrow!
Jess xx

Saturday, 9 February 2013

6 months!

So I've been running this blog for 6 months now! How crazy is that?! I can't believe it, it feels so much longer than that!
Sorry I haven't been blogging a lot recently, I've had rather a lot of work so it's been quite hectic! Sadly, it's now half term and I have a lot of work to do still so I won't be able to post very often, maybe every other day if I'm lucky.
Yesterday night I went to an end of exams party with my friends from my secondary school, held by their sixth form. It was amazing!! I got to spend time with my old friends, and people that had moved to my old school that I'd known before which was amazing to see so many familiar faces! I love my college and my friends there, but I'll always be a part of my friend group from secondary school, we just work together. I also get to see them on Tuesday because my half term is the week before theirs so I'm visiting them when they're still in school! I'm so excited!
I also saw the Autumn line for Kate Spade on instagram earlier, their clothes are so beautiful! I just wish their clothes were cheaper and more readily available in the UK instead of having to go all the way to London to get them! I'm actually in love with some of the pieces being released! It looks like they've made a yellow ballet shoe that has a taxi sign on it, they're adorable! I need more money desperately!
I have to read Jane Eyre for English lit, it's such a good book! It's taking me a while to get through it but I've read over 100 pages today which I'm pretty happy with! I need to read it by the end of half term so hopefully I'll get it done.
Hopefully I'll write again soon!
Jess xx

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Just a quickie...

Just wanted to say that I'm not going to be posting until Thursday night at the earliest, I have a Classics essay due in Thursday so I need to be manically writing that!
Jess xx

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Shake things up a bit!

Last night I changed the background for this slightly! Instead of the birds and trees, it's now a bit darker with leaves! I find it strange because I'm so used to the other one, but I like it and I'll get used to it after a while!

Dan and Phil's radio show today was just fantastic, probably the best it's ever been! I haven't laughed that much or that hard for a long time...I can always count on Phil and Dan to make me smile. :)

I've been doing a lot of Classics homework today in prep for an essay next week...yay. Because of this, I've been on YouTube, and I started listening to King by Lauren Aquilina ( Through this, I found Fools. Honestly, Lauren Aquilina is fantastic, these two songs have become some of my favourites that I can just listen to no matter what. If you haven't heard her, listen. She's amazing!
Fools - Lauren Aquilina

Jess xx

My desk

My desk is pretty cluttered. You can only see my desktop, laptop and a few of my CDs lines up in the picture but yeah, it's pretty bad!
My desktop is dying (the replacement to the last one that died...) after 6 years of awesomeness, and the side of the screen I covered it in space invaders post it notes that I got for Christmas! They're so cool and amazingly useful! And they cover the flicker amazingly well!

Space invaders, Charlie Simpson, Johnny get the Gun and Charlie McDonnell in the same photo? Yes please. 
I actually love my desk though, there are so many little things that are just me. Its a completely personal space filled with stuff that's worthless to anyone else that sees it but means a lot to me. For example, the heart you see on a stick you see poking out from behind my laptop? I made that in Design Tech in year 8, one of the only projects I finished from years 7-9. It's a balancing toy so it spins if you poke one of the 2 bars on the side of the heart. It's great fun! And it makes a funny sound when it spins! I also have stacks of CDs and DVDs to the right of my desk, it's pretty awesome because for once there isn't any order and they're just piled where there is space! I got the DVDs and some of my CDs from my auntie and uncle over the last Christmas and birthday!
I also have a stack of random pieces of paper to the left of the picture that you can't see. They all have some significance in my life, old lists or people's names written down, something I wrote or drew that I decided to keep because it was cool, things like that!
So yeah! It's awesome and personal and I love it!
Jess xx

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The people may be gone, but memories are forever.

I decided to go through my old facebook conversations today, and I was amazed at how many people I'd lost contact with!
It's funny how you look back through and you can see different stages of your life because of the people you spoke to and the conversations you had with them, I'm also amazed that I was friends with some of the people I used to talk to! If you see them and me now, you'd also wonder, trust me...
But yeah, even though I was quite sad remembering some of the memories that came back when I saw the people's names (and quite glad that some aren't in my life anymore frankly), I still appreciate the people who were in my life before, because they've ultimately shaped me to be who I am today!
Sure, some memories are good, others are bad. Others make you question your mental state at the time! But everything you do shapes and influences you, and that includes people, so appreciate friends while you  can, learn from mistakes and don't be scared to let go, because in the end, all of these things will help you to become a better you. Try not to look back on memories with sadness that they've passed, but with fondness that they happened. Things only happen once so enjoy them while they last! And take lots of pictures while you're at it so you'll be able to look back on everything later on!
Just make sure you appreciate everyone around you and tell them because they won't be there forever, and you'll regret it once they're gone.
Live, Laugh, Love people!
Jess xx

Friday, 1 February 2013

Train of thought.

I use the train quite a lot, it's relatively cheap and most of the time, quicker than the car. Sure, it can get pretty expensive if you go to somewhere half way across the country or in London, and sometimes they're delayed by stupid amounts but most of the time it's good!
I like saving all of my train tickets like I save my cinema tickets, they give me little reminders of what happened and what happened that day!
I can roughly place who I was most likely with using the date, and half the time, if the destination isn't somewhere I usually go, I'll be able to remember that day quite easily! It's a nice way of having a memento of a day out without having something proper that I spent money on specifically. It's quite lucky that I have a good memory for dates and places really!
I have my train tickets all in a little bundle by my computer where it's easy to find, so next time I go somewhere by train, I can add the ticket to my pile! It's a stack of memories really!
I know it seems a bit weird, but I love being able to remember little things, because they're usually the good memories you cherish when they're in the past and the people are gone. You don't remember the big things so much as their little quirks and habits and things especially unique to them. It's the same with places and names. I associate some places with people, and in turn I remember the times I've had there with people!

My stack of train tickets!
I hope that I have a pile that's huge eventually, and hopefully I'll be able to remember what happened yeas in the future!
Jess xx