Friday, 1 February 2013

Train of thought.

I use the train quite a lot, it's relatively cheap and most of the time, quicker than the car. Sure, it can get pretty expensive if you go to somewhere half way across the country or in London, and sometimes they're delayed by stupid amounts but most of the time it's good!
I like saving all of my train tickets like I save my cinema tickets, they give me little reminders of what happened and what happened that day!
I can roughly place who I was most likely with using the date, and half the time, if the destination isn't somewhere I usually go, I'll be able to remember that day quite easily! It's a nice way of having a memento of a day out without having something proper that I spent money on specifically. It's quite lucky that I have a good memory for dates and places really!
I have my train tickets all in a little bundle by my computer where it's easy to find, so next time I go somewhere by train, I can add the ticket to my pile! It's a stack of memories really!
I know it seems a bit weird, but I love being able to remember little things, because they're usually the good memories you cherish when they're in the past and the people are gone. You don't remember the big things so much as their little quirks and habits and things especially unique to them. It's the same with places and names. I associate some places with people, and in turn I remember the times I've had there with people!

My stack of train tickets!
I hope that I have a pile that's huge eventually, and hopefully I'll be able to remember what happened yeas in the future!
Jess xx

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