Sunday, 3 February 2013

My desk

My desk is pretty cluttered. You can only see my desktop, laptop and a few of my CDs lines up in the picture but yeah, it's pretty bad!
My desktop is dying (the replacement to the last one that died...) after 6 years of awesomeness, and the side of the screen I covered it in space invaders post it notes that I got for Christmas! They're so cool and amazingly useful! And they cover the flicker amazingly well!

Space invaders, Charlie Simpson, Johnny get the Gun and Charlie McDonnell in the same photo? Yes please. 
I actually love my desk though, there are so many little things that are just me. Its a completely personal space filled with stuff that's worthless to anyone else that sees it but means a lot to me. For example, the heart you see on a stick you see poking out from behind my laptop? I made that in Design Tech in year 8, one of the only projects I finished from years 7-9. It's a balancing toy so it spins if you poke one of the 2 bars on the side of the heart. It's great fun! And it makes a funny sound when it spins! I also have stacks of CDs and DVDs to the right of my desk, it's pretty awesome because for once there isn't any order and they're just piled where there is space! I got the DVDs and some of my CDs from my auntie and uncle over the last Christmas and birthday!
I also have a stack of random pieces of paper to the left of the picture that you can't see. They all have some significance in my life, old lists or people's names written down, something I wrote or drew that I decided to keep because it was cool, things like that!
So yeah! It's awesome and personal and I love it!
Jess xx

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