Tuesday, 19 February 2013

And toes!

So this is my last instalment in my little series of four posts! I hope you guys have enjoyed! I'm actually so surprised at how many pairs of shoes I have! However, a girl can never have too many shoes!

Due to the colder weather, I've practically been living in boots since about November. They're great for keeping your legs warm and they look great!

From left to right: Brown suede calf length boots from Next
Sheep wool boots (NOT UGGS) from Celtic
Brown snow boots from Snow and Rock
Brown suede calf length high heeled boots from Next
From left to right: Black biker style boots from H&M
Brown ankle boots from Johnnie B
Brown wool lined ankle boots from Johnnie B
Blue high heeled ankle boots from Marks and Spencer
These brown suede boots are some of my favourites ever. Before they decided to die on me, they were the most comfortable things alive and I would wear them everywhere. Unfortunately they've worn out quite a lot and the backs are shredded inside, producing quite evil blisters!
My parents bought me these as either a Christmas or Birthday present a few years ago and I loved them. I also take pride in the fact that they aren't Ugg boots so they're good quality with a decent tread so they can actually be used for walking as well as looking great!
My snow boots have literally been life savers during the snow and ice in the last month. They're warm and furry inside so they keep me snug whilst stopping me from falling flat on my bum! Most snow boots look like something out of a cheaply made Sci-fi film from the 70's, mine just look like regular boots which is great!
These heeled boots are the replacement pair for the other brown boots and boy do they fill in! Despite having quite a bit heel for an every day shoe, they're really comfortable! Plus they make your legs look longer and better!
My black boots have come in very handy at gigs! They're light and don't make your feet sweat and they have pretty big treads so you can stand on the feet of the annoying idiots that push against your back trying to get closer to the stage! The toe is also quite tough so if people tread on your feet, it doesn't hurt as much!
These are some of my favourite ankle boots to wear casually with a dress or skirt because they give a cute western-style look. They're super comfy but it takes a few tries to get the fastening straps done up right!
My fluffy ankle boots are great. The wool only surrounds the top so they keep your ankles warm which is always good!
My blue heeled boots are so cute because they're quite dark blue so they go with a lot of things! They also have zips up the side instead of having to use the laces which is always handy!

I'm starting to fall in love with pumps. I didn't really used to wear them but I really like the cute and casual look they have and I just wish I had more pairs!

From left to right: Navy boat shoes from Crew
Blue pumps from New Look
Red pumps from New Look
Black star canvas pumps from New Look
I love to wear the boat shoes with my pink 3/4 length jeans I showed yesterday, they look so cute and nice together and they're perfect for a summer day!
These blue pumps are gorgeous and the little black bow just tops them off. They go so nicely with most things because of the black detailing. I love them!
The red pumps can be such a great splash of colour in a boring and dull outfit. The thin soles means that they're easy to fit in to a handbag if I need a pair of emergency flats at a party!
The black canvas pumps were such a bargain! I got them for £5 a few years ago and they're still going strong! Proof that you don't need expensive stuff to find quality (Although it is nice to be able to say you own something of a top-end brand, am I right?!) that lasts a long while!

Summer shoes
I love having a few pairs of shoes that are specifically for Summer, just like my snow boots are just for Winter! It's great being able to have a change from the enclosed shoes to opened toed and light shoes.
From left to right: Floral wedges from New Look
Gold sandals from Marks and Spencer
Brown leather high heels from H by Henry Holland at Debenhams
I don't usually like wedges but I saw these floral ones in the New Look sale last year and I HAD to have them. Only £5 as well! New Look do some amazing bargains on shoes! I love the way the floral pattern is on the whole of wedge instead of being the usual rope effect on them.
I don't normally wear sandals but I really like these because they have a back which means that my heel isn't flopping about all over the place and the shoes don't fall off! absolutely perfect!
I actually bought these for a Valentine's date last year but I still love them! They're comfy but not good for walking a lot in! I love that they're leather because they have such a nice worn look which makes them look natural. It also means that they soften when you wear them so they aren't all stiff like other shoes tend to be.

I have an unreal love for Converse. They're the only trainer type shoe I will wear and I have so many pretty colours; I almost own the rainbow in converse!!

From left to right: Purple high tops, Black pattern high tops,
Teal low tops, Green low tops, Red heart pattern low tops
I got the purple high tops as an early Christmas present when my black patterned pair gave up and died after ages of constant wearing. I love both pairs of high tops and they're awesome because they give the ankle a bit more support than the low tops.
I got both the teal and green pair of low tops in a sale at Office in Windsor. I decided it would be fun to wear one of each colour on each foot and it looked really awesome! Sadly, it ended up that one pair looked dirtier than the other so it looked silly to mx and match the pairs.
My family found the coolest website where you can make your own converse about 2 years ago, so each of us made ourselves a pair and I created a pair of red low tops with little white hearts all over them! My mum made the cutest pair with cupcakes on them...I still have to steal them off her sometime because we're the same size in shoe!

Party shoes!
There are some shoes that you just can't wear unless you're at a party. Luckily, I have a few pairs that are awesome just for this purpose! This is one reason where I find it perfectly acceptable to splurge on a really nice, comfy pair of heels just perfect for parties and similar gatherings.

From left to right: Black leather Lita boots from Jeffrey Campbell
Platform heels from Lipsy
Peep toe lace bow heels from Ted Baker
My Jeffrey Campbell's, as sad as it sounds, are ones of my prized possessions. Mum bought them for me after I pestered her for a pair for about a week before I tried them on in the shop and declared that they were perfection!! These boots have the biggest platform I've ever seen on them!! The boots make me about 6"0 compared to my usual 5"7 and they're the most comfortable heels I've ever bought. I can usually last an hour and a half in heels before they hurt my feet; I can last at least 3 hours in my Jeffrey Campbell's.
I originally bought the Lipsy shoes for Prom, but I found I couldn't wear them for long enough to be able to be comfortable the whole night. Luckily, they were good enough to become great party shoes because they look fantastic with some of my dresses I own!
The Ted Baker shoes were my Prom shoes in the end. The peep toe meant that essentially standing on my tip toes for hours on end wasn't as painful as it may have been. The lace bow is the cutest thing on the top and I love them because they aren't too high either, but they're high enough.

So that's the end of it! I hope you guys have enjoyed reading and looking through my wardrobe (or some of it anyway...) and hopefully I can come up with something vaguely similar to do in the future because it's been great knowing what to write for the last five days!
Jess xx

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