Saturday, 16 February 2013


So this post is going to be the first of four! I've never done anything like this before so if it's a bit rubbish, bear with!

I have quite a lot of hats. I have poofy hair that's too short to put up so if it's a bit strange looking, or I just can't be bothered in the morning, I'll put a hat on; simple! I mainly wear beanies/berets because they look cute and they're light but warm!
I have roughly around 20 hats but I really only wear 6 because they go with nearly everything and can look cute or a bit edgy which I like!

My most worn and favourite hats!

Make up
I don't really wear a lot of make up, but when I do its mostly quite subtle so people don't realise anyway! I have a few favourite products I use the most often:

Alice in Wonderland palette from Urban Decay and
Brush set from Ruby and Millie
I was given this Alice in Wonderland eyeshadow palette for either a birthday or Christmas by a family member (I think it was my grandma...?) a while back and it's fantastic! I don't wear eyeshadow very often, but if I do, I wear one of these. The colours are quite subtle (minus the electric blue and purple, but who's counting them?!) so they're nice!! Plus having the black, grey and white means that I can do a really nice smoky eye!
The Ruby and Millie brush set is amazing! I mainly use the eye one (they're labelled with where they're meant to be used! So handy!) for the eyeshadow, but there's a thin one that is good for the corners and flicks in my smoky eye!

From left to right: Red Devil by 17, Plum Beautiful by No.7 and
Belle by 17
Recently I've been finding more outfits that I can use my red lipstick for as a statement piece (every outfit needs one, right?) and I'm loving it!! It's more of a pink-y red so it isn't as shocking but it still packs a punch when people see it!
Plum Beautiful was actually the first lipstick colour I got (present from a friend for my birthday a few years back) and I love it! It's darker than my lip colour so it's a nice way of being subtle but noticeable.
Belle was the first lipstick I bought and it's the exact shade of my lips so if I feel like putting on some make up without being noticeable, I'll wear this because it just gives my lips a nice shine.

Top to bottom: No.7 black waterproof mascara, Maybelline line definer black liquid eyeliner
and Bourjois black eye pencil
The most used 3 in my make up lot! My waterproof mascara is fantastic, it doesn't move unless I rub my eyes (I have a very annoying habit of doing this when wearing make up...) and it lengthens my lashes really well! It's just a shame that because of my glasses, you can't really see my eye make up very well!
My liquid eyeliner is so good, it's a little pointed sponge applicator that means you can make thin or thick lines and flicks which looks really good if you do it right!
My pencil eyeliner is good for under my eyes because it fades nicely to look like a natural line after a while!

So I hope you found this a little interesting and hopefully tomorrow will be a little better!
Jess xx

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