Saturday, 2 February 2013

The people may be gone, but memories are forever.

I decided to go through my old facebook conversations today, and I was amazed at how many people I'd lost contact with!
It's funny how you look back through and you can see different stages of your life because of the people you spoke to and the conversations you had with them, I'm also amazed that I was friends with some of the people I used to talk to! If you see them and me now, you'd also wonder, trust me...
But yeah, even though I was quite sad remembering some of the memories that came back when I saw the people's names (and quite glad that some aren't in my life anymore frankly), I still appreciate the people who were in my life before, because they've ultimately shaped me to be who I am today!
Sure, some memories are good, others are bad. Others make you question your mental state at the time! But everything you do shapes and influences you, and that includes people, so appreciate friends while you  can, learn from mistakes and don't be scared to let go, because in the end, all of these things will help you to become a better you. Try not to look back on memories with sadness that they've passed, but with fondness that they happened. Things only happen once so enjoy them while they last! And take lots of pictures while you're at it so you'll be able to look back on everything later on!
Just make sure you appreciate everyone around you and tell them because they won't be there forever, and you'll regret it once they're gone.
Live, Laugh, Love people!
Jess xx

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