Saturday, 9 February 2013

6 months!

So I've been running this blog for 6 months now! How crazy is that?! I can't believe it, it feels so much longer than that!
Sorry I haven't been blogging a lot recently, I've had rather a lot of work so it's been quite hectic! Sadly, it's now half term and I have a lot of work to do still so I won't be able to post very often, maybe every other day if I'm lucky.
Yesterday night I went to an end of exams party with my friends from my secondary school, held by their sixth form. It was amazing!! I got to spend time with my old friends, and people that had moved to my old school that I'd known before which was amazing to see so many familiar faces! I love my college and my friends there, but I'll always be a part of my friend group from secondary school, we just work together. I also get to see them on Tuesday because my half term is the week before theirs so I'm visiting them when they're still in school! I'm so excited!
I also saw the Autumn line for Kate Spade on instagram earlier, their clothes are so beautiful! I just wish their clothes were cheaper and more readily available in the UK instead of having to go all the way to London to get them! I'm actually in love with some of the pieces being released! It looks like they've made a yellow ballet shoe that has a taxi sign on it, they're adorable! I need more money desperately!
I have to read Jane Eyre for English lit, it's such a good book! It's taking me a while to get through it but I've read over 100 pages today which I'm pretty happy with! I need to read it by the end of half term so hopefully I'll get it done.
Hopefully I'll write again soon!
Jess xx

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