Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I'm back!

I hope you enjoyed my little group of posts, it was really fun doing it actually! Now to catch up with life!

It's my birthday in a month!
I'm actually so excited, I get to start officially driving! I sorted out my health form today so hopefully that doesn't take too long to process, then I can get my provisional!! I'm scared but excited about starting to drive on the roads...hopefully all goes well!!
I also hit 3,000 views so I'm super happy! I can't believe I only started this 6 and a half months ago and it's amazing!
I also got my Classics essay that I did before half term back and I got 39/45 which is 1 mark off an A so I'm super happy! I'm predicted an A so it's really good!
I'm finally getting to meet Kate on Saturday!! We're going shopping for the day which is going to be super fun, I can't wait! It's going to be the first time we've met so I'm really nervous and excited! It'll be so awkward if we don't recognise each other though! People always look different in the flesh so it'll be awesome and interesting to finally meet!

I also was walking to the train station today and I saw this in a shop window!

I want to hug the maker of that sign!
I found it so funny because I wasn't paying attention then I saw it, did a double take and had to take s photo!!

Another thing I found in Tesco's today were these! BBQ LLAMA CRACKERS.

So yummy, AND LLAMA SHAPED. What more could you want?!
I keep walking downstairs when I'm writing this and grabbing little handfuls of llamas because they taste so good and they're addictive too!!!!!!
I'm mentoring a year 11 at a local secondary school tomorrow so I have to try and find my way there from college...Google maps is my only friend!!!

It's amazing what you miss in 4 days! I've also finished my English coursework and it's under word limit which is such a huge relief!
My ancient history teacher also let me call what is essentially the Spartan's secret assassins the 'Super ninja death squad' and he said it was right! I was so proud of myself! It's also funny because I'm now going to actually remember what it is!

Jess xx


  1. Oh my god, yes, awkward if I don't recognise you...

    1. I know! We should be able to though! It would be so funny if not!