Wednesday, 28 November 2012

'Cause I'm no Superman...

Just found this song, IT'S ADORABLE!!
It's called Superman - Joe Brooks
Sorry all of my posts are about songs recently, I have no inspiration whatsoever and I'm very busy with college work...Music has been getting me through it all so I guess it's relevant! :P
The song is really cute though, so is he ;P I'm not the only one that thinks that if a guy is well dressed that he's immediately more attractive, right? It just makes you appreciate it if they actually put effort in to wearing good clothes! Shirt, Jeans/chinos & decent shoes over trackies any day, yes please!
Anyway, here's a link to the song, hope you like it! :)
Jess xx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Biology sucks!

I've been doing my biology catch up work from friday the whole day now...I'm beyond bored! I have no idea how I'm going to end up with a decent grade for this, I'm so crap :/

Anyway, on a brighter note, one month until Christmas! I'm so so excited! I love Christmas, definitely my favourite time of the year :3

I'm still ill as well :( I was fine yesterday but I'm back to feeling rubbish again, I hate this :(

Anyway, I have to finish my homework....
Jess xx

Saturday, 24 November 2012

So I'll spend all night looking into your eyes because I want to remember them if I ever fall blind...

This is currently my favourite song ever.
Lewis Watson is amazing, he has an amazing voice (very Ed Sheeran-esque) and he's pretty x3
The title for this blog is from my favourite song by him, called Bones
I swear, if someone ever sang this to me, I'd just fall in love instantly, it's such a gorgeous song with amazingly sweet lyrics :3 <---- Lewis Watson - Bones
I lovelovelove him :3 Check it out pleaaase!

On another note, Hudson Taylor's new EP, Cinematic Lifestyle came out yesterday!! THE SONGS ARE AMAZING. BUY IT!!! I love these guys so much, they seem so lovely too, have the funniest videos as well ^^ <--- Hudson Taylor - Cinematic Lifestyle
Harry and Alfie are just ugh. I love them :D plus Alfie is dating Gabrielle Aplin (John Lewis christmas advert singer :D) so even more of a reason to love (or hate) him!

I'm off to do more biology homework .___.
Note to self: Don't miss another day off college, there's way too much work involved in catching up.... .___.
Jess xx

Friday, 23 November 2012


Sorry I haven't managed to blog for ages; I've had so much work to do, it's mental!
Nothing interesting has happened for a while...
I'm ill again though, I hate being sick :( tummy hurts SO much, I didn't go to college today because I feel like rubbish :(
Ooh! My blog has reached venezuela! I've officially hit South America ;D
Hopefully soon something vaguely exciting happens so I can blog again! Sorry I've been so inactive recently!
Jess xx

Monday, 19 November 2012

Distance is a bitch sometimes

Some of you know that me and Simon broke up yesterday :(
It was pretty much mutual though so I'm weirdly not a crumpled crying mess on the floor. We're still friends so it's okay because it hasn't ended badly like my other relationships.
Basically, because we couldn't see each other enough, the relationship was putting unwanted and unneeded pressure on both of us, and was hurting us pointlessly. I really hate distance sometimes, I wish it was faster and cheaper to get to London :/ it would make life SO much easier.
It was just at a time where we're both too busy with school work to actually make it work, so we're just going to be friends for the moment. :)
But who knows what the future may bring! And as I'm a strong believer in fate and all of that stuff; if it's meant to be, it'll find a way of coming back to us eventually :)
Just thought you guys should know :)
Jess xx

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Note to self

As I found out yesterday, copying and pasting photos on to my blog doesn't work, and results in people only being able to see a blank box with a blue question mark in it...
To solve this, I need to save each individual photo, then add them in to the post properly.
ANOTHER NOTE: When adding photos, make sure you do it during your post instead of afterwards, otherwise it will mess up the alignment of the writing, change the usual font of your post and completely kill you inside due to your OCD, trying to get it back to where it was originally (ultimately making it worse).
Hope you guys enjoyed looking in to my mind! :P (and yes, I'm pretty sure I have OCD as anything that doesn't conform to the usual pattern or style kills me xD)
Jess xx

Saturday, 17 November 2012


I've been wondering recently, What actually inspires me to blog?
I've thought about it, and the simple answer is everything!
Every day, I see new things that inspire me and give me new idea about what I want to blog about. Sometimes the ideas can't wait and I have to write the post there and then! (What my phone blogging is for!) Other days, I have absolutely no inspiration at all and I end up doing a rubbishy blog about my day! Boooooooring! :P (I never have anything exciting in my life that I can blog about!)
A few of the main things that inspire me when I'm out and about though are:


If people actually stopped and looked around at the others surrounding them, they'd be surprised at how different everyone is. I urge you, on a day that you aren't busy, to go to a coffee shop and just sit in the corner. Watch the people that come in and see what they do, just look around and see how different everybody acts. Chances are that the only thing they all share in common is that they all share the same love of that particular coffee shop. Even then, they're all going to like different drinks! 
I like imagining what they're doing there, what they're like, where they're going, things like that! Makes a boring day so much more interesting. 


It's so pretty, isn't it? I always find that sitting outside, alone, surrounded by nature is where I get my inspiration. It's so peaceful and calm, it really gives you a perfect opportunity to have a think about everything and anything. I love it when the only sounds you can hear are purely natural, instead of the usual noisy pollution from cars and people. If you just stop concentrating on your busy life and look around, you realise that the world is really beautiful and needs a little more attention from people! 
And of course, if you're a photography enthusiast, you can always snap a few pictures when you're out! Always a bonus!


I love love love to read. I don't have the opportunity to read as much as I'd like to anymore because of my AS levels, but I try and read whenever I have the chance. I nearly always carry around my kindle or a book that I don't have to read as a prescribed text so I have something completely different instead of what I have to analyse syllable by syllable. 
I love how reading can transport you to a completely different country, time, or even world, and introduce you to new people and places that you've never been to before. It takes you away from reality and puts you somewhere new, discovering new stories and connecting you with new emotions every time! And every time you open an already read book, it's like you're welcoming back an old friend, or old memories.
Reading inspires me as I can write about the book, or what it makes me think about! Reading actually inspired me to start a blog in the first place! (I will probably end up making a whole post on reading some time in the near future...look out for that!)


This picture just about sums me up; especially the Iron man one ;D how cool would it be to be an Avenger?!
^ This just proves this point, daydreaming and going off on tangents brings on random thoughts and inspirations. Sometimes, the thoughts are good enough to expand and blog about! Obviously daydreaming when you're meant to be working is bad, so be like the guy on the right! But if you're not doing anything that requires concentration (travelling by public transport, again, in a coffee shop) or just lying in bed one night, just let your mind wander, it might lead to something good! 
Just think, JK Rowling came up with Harry Potter on a journey one day, think about where that's got her!


(I just found this picture on google, and I LOVE it, so pretty and cute!)
Music. Need I say more? 
There are so many genres, so many styles. There is something for everyone! 
Music is amazing for inspiration. Some songs lyrics are so touching and moving, you can't help but think about what they mean. Others just capture you, or relate to your mood or emotion. It can change your bad mood in to a good one! There's even songs for different types of weather! It can be applied to practically all life situations and if you don't listen to music a lot, I highly recommend you do, some of my blogs have been inspired by music, as my usual readers would know! (Lots of jazz in Starbucks is apparently good for blogging!) 
It basically just gets you to think, which leads to blogging (for me, anyway!)


True friends are always there for you no matter what. They are there in every day life and if they aren't, when you see them, you make memories which is even more special! Funny moments happen with friends - blog material! Embarrassing moments - blog material! Everyday life - blog material! 
You get my drift...
Either way, friends play a big part in your life even though you may not realise it, memories are mainly based around what other people have said and done. Friends make you happy because you know you aren't alone, and when you feel alone they're there with tissues, chocolate and hugs to make you feel better. Always value your friends and tell them how much you care! (If you're reading this and I know you in real life, I LOVE YOU) Value your friendships because chances are that they won't last forever, but you can be sure as hell to try and make them last as long as possible! I know that I'm still close with some of my friends from my old school and I haven't seen them in about a month! But don't take them for granted! Friends are fantastic! 

Other blogs!

I'm doing Hamlet in English Lit at the moment...sorry, I couldn't resist...I love being a nerd sometimes! *giggles to myself*
Reading other blogs give me ideas for types of posts to do, what sort of things to write about and how to style my posts. It's been really handy for my writing style as well! My favourite and most looked at blogs are definitely: (Kate, my only friend on blogger!), (Carly does some fantastic posts and her blog is quite old now, about 3/4 years I think!) and one of my new favourites that I found this morning: (Sarah has THE most amazing fashion sense, I spend about an hour just looking through her pictures and her outfits, I wish I had the money to be able to afford the clothes she wears! That's exactly the style I love!)

So there you go! My main inspirations for blogging! If you blog, I hope this has helped you to think of ways YOU can get inspiration next time you're out; as you can see, you don't have to be anywhere in particular and sometimes, an idea just hits you completely out of the blue! 
If you don't blog, then welcome to my mind and why aren't you blogging yet?! Seriously, it's one of the best things I've done, it's fun and interesting and I looove it! 
Anyway, sorry this post has been so long, and if you read through all of my rambles then I salute you! 
Jess xx
P.S. Sorry about the pictures not working yesterday! They should be running fine now, and if anything is a bit out of place, sorry because the writing kept moving when I was changing the pictures around!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Some things just don't work out the way you want them to

Today was nice, I've managed to get loads of work done so I almost have a free weekend! I was planning on meeting up with le boyfriend on Sunday but as I said, some things just don't work out the way you want or expect them to :( he has to go to a meal for his grandad's birthday meal which obviously comes first, but it's just upsetting because I was really looking forward to seeing him again after ages of being away from each other :( hopefully we'll see each other soonish...I hate being away from him for long :(
I got to sit in Starbucks again in my 2nd free today, so I got my kids hot chocolate (so much cheaper!) and they put it in the teensiest take away cup I have EVER seen! It was so so cute! :3 there wasn't anyone interesting in the shop today though which is highly disappointing :( its always fun looking out for new characters :)
I've been watching Children in Need tonight and WHY OH WHY did they put Girls Aloud on?! They were atrocious! They should have broken up and left it at that! Only Kimberley can really sing out of's so painful! And then One Direction came on and make it worse :( just bad :(
So all in all, a bit of a mixed day, but I'll stay positive like I always do, because what's the point of being down about something that you can't control?
Jess xx

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Road Trip!

I went to Southampton Uni today with college! We had a lecture and then had 2 hours to do undergraduate level research, after that we presented our findings to the group. It was so difficult and stressful, but it all worked out in the end and the presentation actually went pretty well! The library had 5 whole floors! It was huge and amazing; I've never seen so many books in one place in my life!
We got to have pizza for lunch on the campus, pepperoni with a stuffed crust! IT WAS SO GOOD! £6 for a whole pizza as well! It's so cheap for a take away pizza! It's crazy! Everything else in the shops were cheap as well!
I'm honestly so excited but nervous for University now, it's such hard work but loads of fun :) Annoyingly, Southampton doesn't do the course that I want so I can't look there as a Uni, it's a shame because it's really nice! Plus it's great because we got to experience University as it really is, not just what it puts across on an open day! I loved it even though I almost had a mental breakdown when we were 15 minutes from deadline and we had barely started the powerpoint presentation! Either way, it went well, even if some things went a little wrong :D
The most awesome thing was that I got to go with 2 of my closer girl friends in college too! :) It was quite a good laugh on the minibus there and back :)
Hopefully I can post again tomorrow!
Jess xx

I've had this in my head the whole day; such a cute song!
Parachute - Kiss Me Slowly

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Food for Thought (random thought of the day)

*random, rambly, nerdy post ahead*

Because of my cold, I keep losing my sense of smell and taste. It makes me realise just how much of our taste comes from the textures we feel on our tongue when we eat! Also, our tongues can still detect the sweetness/saltiness of the food so it feels like we're tasting what we're eating, when in reality, we're just feeling and getting whether its sweet/salty. The actual flavour is only a teeny part of food! So much more is involved which I find awesome! 
I also think that if you've tried the food before, our memories put the flavour in our heads so it's like you're eating normally! Obviously that sounds like you're just tasting it normally, but if you can't smell, you can't actually taste!
My brain thinks of the weirdest things sometimes...So!!! Enjoy a little insight to what goes round in my head daily! 
Jess xx

Monday, 12 November 2012

Sick Day

I've got such a bad cold :( It's not one of those little ones that just give you a case of the sniffles; its one of those monsters that likes playing the drums in your head, is ultra sensitive to light and sound, likes shoving glass down your throat and rubbing sandpaper in your nose.
My cold is making me sound like a croaky old man! I feel complete rubbish :(
Luckily, I'm talking to some awesome people, blogging, drinking peach ribena, eating Orange chewy toffi-chocs from Thorntons and cuddled in my duvet. Bliss. Oh, I'm also doing some work for my extended project! Finally found a decent link that helps me to research for my project!! It's getting done and I couldn't be happier! Success!
I only got 1 hour of sleep last night. No idea why, I haven't had coffee or any form of caffeine like that for over a week and I felt tired before I got in to bed! Then I got there and my brain just wouldn't shut off! I've not actually been feeling very tired today which is scaring me a little. What happens if I can't fall asleep again tonight?! I can't deal with 2 hours sleep over 2 days, that would kill me and just make my illness feel even worse. :( Luckily, I get a little lie in tomorrow, I don't have to be in until 10.30!! I love college :')
I don't get how I can still be cheerful when this is the worst I've felt in quite a while, must be a gift! ;D

I'm going to post another song by Ingrid Michaelson; I just can't get enough of her recently! She's just fantastic and I've been listening to this one practically all day!
Ingrid Michaelson - Giving Up:
Isn't she pretty?! I love how she still wears her glasses, it's great that she doesn't care what people think :) I lovelovelove her hair as well, I wish mine was that length and colour :3

Anyway, better be off to do some more work, bye guys!
Jess xx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Computer vs. Phone

Recently I've been doing more blogs from my computer instead of from my phone like I do usually and I actually find it easier and nicer!
Blogging from my phone is good when I'm out and I get sudden inspiration for a blog post; then I can write it there and then before I forget the ideas. I find blogging on my phone a bit rubbish too though. For starters, you don't get to manually add photos where you want them, they're just added to the bottom of the post, and you can't even give them a caption which really sucks!
Blogging from the computer means that you can change the font, change the writing from normal to bold or italics which you can't actually do on the phone! You can also add photos where you want, add captions and add links a lot easier than on a phone. However, with a computer, you don't have the mobility you would otherwise get from a phone. When you get an inspiration, you can't automatically just get your computer out of your bag and start typing.
The obvious answer would be a laptop! Hopefully some time in the future I'll be able to get one but it really isn't in the near near future. I'll just have to hope that it'll be around next year sometime! :D
My replacement computer is dying so I really hope that a laptop will be a replacement when one can be afforded :)
What's your guys' views on phones vs computers? Do you have a favourite? Do you want to sacrifice inspiration for appearance or the other way around? Let me know! :)

By the way, I have a new favourite artist! I've loved her for a while but I've re discovered her, Ingrid Michaelson is just amazing!!! She has the cutest songs and they're so pretty! She does amazing covers and amazing original songs! Plus she originally wrote 'Parachute' (Performed by Cheryl Cole) and performed a (much better) version of it! :D I suggest you check her out! Start with this song, its one of my favourites by her:
Ingrid Michaelson - You and I
Jess xx

You've Got Mail!

I watched this film today and it was so amazing and cute!! If you like Rom com/Chick flicks, then you'll love this film.
It's about a woman who runs a little family-run bookshop in New York and about how it's being overrun by a new, huge big chain bookstore that is run by a multi-millionaire business man. Naturally, they become enemies because of him putting her shop out of business.
They both use an internet chat site called "You've got mail' and they end up talking to each other without realising that it's the other. Eventually, they go to meet up, completely unaware of what their mystery date looks like, and he realises who she is.
They become friends in the end and you can guess what happens at the end! :P
Obviously I'm not going to give it all away, but I do recommend watching it because it's such a cute film that's sweet, sad and funny all at once!

Such an adorable film - WATCH IT!

Saturday, 10 November 2012

How to show that you like someone without going OTT

My friend is having a problem with a guy that obviously likes her but won't say anything. He is very very obvious when he's around/speaking to her and pretty much everyone that knows them knows that he  likes her.
My friend also knows, and we were saying that he needs to be more subtle and less stalker-ish when trying to get girls.

So, I'm going to try and get some pointers for people: How to show a girl you like them without going OTT (or being a stalker :P)

  1. TALK TO HER. But dont drop everything/every other conversation just to say hi, it's seen as weird and it's just obvious. 
  2. REMEMBER THINGS. Remember little details about her, maybe ask her about them. It'll make her feel and show her that you care about what she has to say, even if it seems unimportant.
  3. DON'T LIKE EVERYTHING ON HER FACEBOOK. That's just being a stalker.
  4. DON'T AGREE WITH EVERYTHING SHE HAS TO SAY. Take interest in her opinions and views, but girls like a guy with backbone that they can actually talk to and debate with, agreeing to everything she says will get boring and she will lose interest amazingly quickly.
  5. TREAT HER LIKE EVERYONE ELSE UNTIL YOU KNOW SHE LIKES YOU TOO. Acting like she's the only thing that matters might seem sweet to you, but it can be incredibly awkward for her, especially if she doesnt feel the same way. Get her as your friend first by ACTING as a friend, then see how it goes from there.
  6. FIND SOMETHING YOU HAVE IN COMMON. You're instantly more attractive if you have the same interests as her/like the same programme/film, but don't fake it because you'll look like an idiot if you try and talk about it, then realise you have no idea what you're talking about. 
  7. DON'T BE CLINGY. Attention is always great, but don't overdo it, being too OTT will put her off you, give her space!
Hopefully if you're having a problem with this particular dilemma then this will help! If you have any more suggestions then don't hesitate to add them in a comment below! 
Obviously this can be used for girls on guys as well, or anyone for that matter, just DON'T BE OTT.
I hope you guys liked this and found it helpful/entertaining, DFTBA guys xx

Friday, 9 November 2012

Good As It Gets

I won a competition during summer and they said they would send me a hard copy of their album and a few other little bits and pieces. The first package never made it to my house so they sent another one. (They're so lovely! Thank you so so much Jack! :D)
It arrived today after waiting patiently for it to arrive for weeks/months (I've forgotten how long it's been :P) and I must say, I squealed, ripped open the package then hugged it while jumping up and down when I saw what it was!
Everyone else was hearing the album from the free download on the internet but I resisted and waited until I had the actual physical copy in my hands!
I'm so happy that I did because it was worth the wait!

The Front: It's signed! :D Also my sicker and 2 picks

The Back: Track names!! :D

There are some songs on the album that have been around for a while now (Good As It Gets and Take It) and they're still as amazing as ever! :D still 2 of my favourites of their songs.
I first heard My Mistake maybe a month ago when Johnny Get the Gun posted the music video on youtube and I instantly fell in love with it, it's so catchy! Great tune to dance to :P you can see the music video here:
Crash & Burn is great :D It's a bit different from their usual stuff but it works just as well, I love it, it's been stuck in my head since I first listened to it!
The longest track on the album, A Long Night (good title for a long song! ;D) is a bit slower which is also a change from JGTG's usual style, but again, it works for them and again, this song is just amazing and it has a really catchy chorus! :)
Out of Control is a more pop style song that is a really catchy dance tune again! It just works for them, they have great lyrics, a great singer and an awesome tune that you'll be humming for weeks!
JGTG posted an acoustic version of Forever Quiet over a year ago, before I saw them and it easily became my favourite song of theirs. They played it when I saw them live last October and it's even better in person! Its so so so great. If you only listen to one song on this album, make it this one.
Why Watch So Many People Fall has yet another different sound, completely different to the other songs! It's rather good! It's not so much of a 'get up and dance' tune but its still great :D
If You Could Only See Us Now is another slow song and it's so pretty, it's got really nice lyrics and it's one of those songs I can imagine being played at a gig with everyone waving their arms in the air, I really like it and it's a good end to a great album!
The songs are so varied but all so good in their own ways, it's amazing!
This is JGTG's first full album and I have to say, nice job guys! (Of course I'm a little biased but it's still great, most of my friends will agree with me!) Wayne, Jack, Joey and Jamie are all lovely guys and deserve to get somewhere because their music is just as good as anything that's currently popular in the music industry (well, the decent, Rock stuff anyway! ;D)
I definitely think that it's worth a look at, especially as its free! What more could you want?! They're that awesome that they're giving away their first album free!!!! :D and if you like that, you can do them a favour and buy their 2 previous EPs for about £3 each! :)
I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do, I can safely say that this will be on repeat for quite a while from now! DFTBA guys! :D x

Free download:
You can also find their facebook by searching Johnny Get the Gun and choosing the one that has the album cover as their pic! :D

Coffee shops and peacocks

I finally get to wear my pretty peacock coat because it's cold and dry enough! :D it's so pretty and waaarm :3
I got to sit in starbucks and do work for my first period, I got my cheap hot chocolate again! :3 it's soo goooood ^.^ plus I now only have Extended Project work to do at the weekend, HAPPY!
I was also people watching, it's really interesting to see what types of people you get in these sorts of places! It's fun trying to imagine what people are like, what they're thinking, doing, why they're with the person they're with, etc. It's also interesting hearing snippets of conversations, it lets you see in to other people's lives, even for a moment.
It's so cozy in coffee shops though, I love them because they have such a nice, calm atmosphere and you can sit there with your drink and just work or read, and you can just zone out of every day life and become engrossed in what you're doing whilst the amazing smells of coffee and the sounds of the music and people's voices just waft in and out of your consciousness. I love love love it :)
Below is a picture of my outfit today, I'm wearing a knitted jumper from Crew, dark blue jeans from Next and pumps from New Look (another separate pic for that). It looks cute but sophisticated which is what I try to aim for. I like to try & look good & classy at the same time :)
The title of this post sounds like the name of a book or song! I might have to use that one day if I ever write something! :D
Anyway, I'm going to get back to reading Jane Eyre (need to read it before the start of the spring term; starting now! :D) - there will be a review once I've read it probably! I have read it before but it was the play version - I loved it then so hopefully the book version is better! :)
Ive also posted a pic of my view from my corner seat in starbucks :D it's my favourite place, you can see everything but its also quite a secluded spot away from people :)
Byee, DFTBA guys! :3 x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I got my Ancient History essay back a D :( not happy! It's not exceedingly bad but it's really annoying because that was the essay I was happy with and it ended up being my worst :( ah well, least I know how to improve it now :)
I've had so much biology work to do today, it's mental! I can't fall behind though, that would be murder >.<
Also, I found out that I have 2 weeks to complete a pretty huge check list for my extended project....I'm so so dead .____. I hope I'll get it done on time but I'm so worried I'm not going to :(
I've figured out that caffeine makes me feel ill so today, I had a hot chocolate from Starbucks instead of a Gingerbread latte....OMG. BEST DECISION EVER. IT WAS SO GOOD. I put cinnamon on top too and it was just amazing :') tasted so good and Christmassy :3 looooooove it :) plus it's over £1 cheaper than my coffee!!!! :D
I'm going to have such a busy summer this year, at college we were told about multiple summer schools that we could attend, I really want to go on some! They look so interesting, and you get to essentially be a Uni student for a week, you live on campus and get taught by lecturers, usual Uni stuff, it's so exciting!! Hopefully it'll get me in to more uni's as well because it's a grey thing to do :) just means that I will be doing stuff until about half way through August! It's so exciting because nearly everything planned is free! :D
Anyway, I'm off :D DFTBA guys! x

Monday, 5 November 2012

Laser quest and bowling!!

I went bowling and laser quest with some college friends last night :)
It was fun hanging out with them outside of college too!
I got 2nd in bowling and 1st in laser quest! :D
THERE WAS CANDY FLOSS! It tasted so so good :') only £1 too! :3 I loooooove candy floss, haven't had it for ages! :(
This post is only short because I have to finish my classics homework! :D DFTBA guys! x

Sunday, 4 November 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

THE RED CUPS HAVE ARRIVED. OMG IM SO HAPPY. Me & le famille (I actually took German, haven't done French properly for 2ish years now ;D) went to Reading after lunch and Dad got me a Gingerbread Latte! Oh, how I've missed them! THEY TASTE SO GOOD :3 I love Christmas and all the things it brings x3 everything seems just that little bit cosier and warmer, even though it's getting colder and more bitter outside ^.^ That along with the Peppermint Mocha is perfection in a cup :3 plus I got a Krispy Kreme doughnut (well, mum & dad did :P) so that's 2 bits of perfection I've had today :'3 I'm rather happy right now :D
I'm going bowling with college friends tonight, it's going to be so much fun! :D I'm exciiiited! :D
Anyway, my Internet is going to go in a bit so I'll talk later! :) DFTBA!!!! x

Curly Wurly!

I went to a party last night, it was amazing! It was a late Halloween party so I dressed up as Black widow from the Avengers/Sandy from Grease :) it was awesome, plus mum curled my hair, it looked awesome! :3 I've put a couple of pictures below but they're a bit crappy. The lighting wasn't very good and I was being photobombed every time I tried to take a photo :P I took a bowler hat off someone and it actually looked amazing with my hair curly so I've decided that I really want a trilby hat and a curling wand for Christmas/my birthday :D
We also played pool as my friend had a pool table in his garage, I fail epically!!!! :D it was great fun though! Half the time I won by default because the black ball got potted early ;P
Today I've been learn Latin endings for's actually not going too badly! Latin is quite fun but difficult at the same time >.< it's awesome seeing how many words in English derive from Latin :) so interesting! :)

Friday, 2 November 2012

Thinking things

Me and Kate were talking about faith and beliefs yesterday and it got me thinking about my own beliefs.
I don't believe in God but I believe in Karma and Fate, what comes around goes around sort of stuff! Mostly about if things are meant to be, it will be. I think that if you stay positive and happy then things go right most of the time and even if things go wrong you shouldn't let it get the better of you :)
I've figured out that if you are happier and actually take the time to look around at the world, you appreciate the little things in life a whole lot more and you end up remembering them more because they make a bigger impact on you and your life than you realise when they're happening :)
I should just stop rambling on now so ya, blog later! DFTBA! x