Friday, 9 November 2012

Good As It Gets

I won a competition during summer and they said they would send me a hard copy of their album and a few other little bits and pieces. The first package never made it to my house so they sent another one. (They're so lovely! Thank you so so much Jack! :D)
It arrived today after waiting patiently for it to arrive for weeks/months (I've forgotten how long it's been :P) and I must say, I squealed, ripped open the package then hugged it while jumping up and down when I saw what it was!
Everyone else was hearing the album from the free download on the internet but I resisted and waited until I had the actual physical copy in my hands!
I'm so happy that I did because it was worth the wait!

The Front: It's signed! :D Also my sicker and 2 picks

The Back: Track names!! :D

There are some songs on the album that have been around for a while now (Good As It Gets and Take It) and they're still as amazing as ever! :D still 2 of my favourites of their songs.
I first heard My Mistake maybe a month ago when Johnny Get the Gun posted the music video on youtube and I instantly fell in love with it, it's so catchy! Great tune to dance to :P you can see the music video here:
Crash & Burn is great :D It's a bit different from their usual stuff but it works just as well, I love it, it's been stuck in my head since I first listened to it!
The longest track on the album, A Long Night (good title for a long song! ;D) is a bit slower which is also a change from JGTG's usual style, but again, it works for them and again, this song is just amazing and it has a really catchy chorus! :)
Out of Control is a more pop style song that is a really catchy dance tune again! It just works for them, they have great lyrics, a great singer and an awesome tune that you'll be humming for weeks!
JGTG posted an acoustic version of Forever Quiet over a year ago, before I saw them and it easily became my favourite song of theirs. They played it when I saw them live last October and it's even better in person! Its so so so great. If you only listen to one song on this album, make it this one.
Why Watch So Many People Fall has yet another different sound, completely different to the other songs! It's rather good! It's not so much of a 'get up and dance' tune but its still great :D
If You Could Only See Us Now is another slow song and it's so pretty, it's got really nice lyrics and it's one of those songs I can imagine being played at a gig with everyone waving their arms in the air, I really like it and it's a good end to a great album!
The songs are so varied but all so good in their own ways, it's amazing!
This is JGTG's first full album and I have to say, nice job guys! (Of course I'm a little biased but it's still great, most of my friends will agree with me!) Wayne, Jack, Joey and Jamie are all lovely guys and deserve to get somewhere because their music is just as good as anything that's currently popular in the music industry (well, the decent, Rock stuff anyway! ;D)
I definitely think that it's worth a look at, especially as its free! What more could you want?! They're that awesome that they're giving away their first album free!!!! :D and if you like that, you can do them a favour and buy their 2 previous EPs for about £3 each! :)
I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do, I can safely say that this will be on repeat for quite a while from now! DFTBA guys! :D x

Free download:
You can also find their facebook by searching Johnny Get the Gun and choosing the one that has the album cover as their pic! :D

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