Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I got my Ancient History essay back a D :( not happy! It's not exceedingly bad but it's really annoying because that was the essay I was happy with and it ended up being my worst :( ah well, least I know how to improve it now :)
I've had so much biology work to do today, it's mental! I can't fall behind though, that would be murder >.<
Also, I found out that I have 2 weeks to complete a pretty huge check list for my extended project....I'm so so dead .____. I hope I'll get it done on time but I'm so worried I'm not going to :(
I've figured out that caffeine makes me feel ill so today, I had a hot chocolate from Starbucks instead of a Gingerbread latte....OMG. BEST DECISION EVER. IT WAS SO GOOD. I put cinnamon on top too and it was just amazing :') tasted so good and Christmassy :3 looooooove it :) plus it's over £1 cheaper than my coffee!!!! :D
I'm going to have such a busy summer this year, at college we were told about multiple summer schools that we could attend, I really want to go on some! They look so interesting, and you get to essentially be a Uni student for a week, you live on campus and get taught by lecturers, usual Uni stuff, it's so exciting!! Hopefully it'll get me in to more uni's as well because it's a grey thing to do :) just means that I will be doing stuff until about half way through August! It's so exciting because nearly everything planned is free! :D
Anyway, I'm off :D DFTBA guys! x

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