Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Food for Thought (random thought of the day)

*random, rambly, nerdy post ahead*

Because of my cold, I keep losing my sense of smell and taste. It makes me realise just how much of our taste comes from the textures we feel on our tongue when we eat! Also, our tongues can still detect the sweetness/saltiness of the food so it feels like we're tasting what we're eating, when in reality, we're just feeling and getting whether its sweet/salty. The actual flavour is only a teeny part of food! So much more is involved which I find awesome! 
I also think that if you've tried the food before, our memories put the flavour in our heads so it's like you're eating normally! Obviously that sounds like you're just tasting it normally, but if you can't smell, you can't actually taste!
My brain thinks of the weirdest things sometimes...So!!! Enjoy a little insight to what goes round in my head daily! 
Jess xx

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