Monday, 12 November 2012

Sick Day

I've got such a bad cold :( It's not one of those little ones that just give you a case of the sniffles; its one of those monsters that likes playing the drums in your head, is ultra sensitive to light and sound, likes shoving glass down your throat and rubbing sandpaper in your nose.
My cold is making me sound like a croaky old man! I feel complete rubbish :(
Luckily, I'm talking to some awesome people, blogging, drinking peach ribena, eating Orange chewy toffi-chocs from Thorntons and cuddled in my duvet. Bliss. Oh, I'm also doing some work for my extended project! Finally found a decent link that helps me to research for my project!! It's getting done and I couldn't be happier! Success!
I only got 1 hour of sleep last night. No idea why, I haven't had coffee or any form of caffeine like that for over a week and I felt tired before I got in to bed! Then I got there and my brain just wouldn't shut off! I've not actually been feeling very tired today which is scaring me a little. What happens if I can't fall asleep again tonight?! I can't deal with 2 hours sleep over 2 days, that would kill me and just make my illness feel even worse. :( Luckily, I get a little lie in tomorrow, I don't have to be in until 10.30!! I love college :')
I don't get how I can still be cheerful when this is the worst I've felt in quite a while, must be a gift! ;D

I'm going to post another song by Ingrid Michaelson; I just can't get enough of her recently! She's just fantastic and I've been listening to this one practically all day!
Ingrid Michaelson - Giving Up:
Isn't she pretty?! I love how she still wears her glasses, it's great that she doesn't care what people think :) I lovelovelove her hair as well, I wish mine was that length and colour :3

Anyway, better be off to do some more work, bye guys!
Jess xx

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