Friday, 9 November 2012

Coffee shops and peacocks

I finally get to wear my pretty peacock coat because it's cold and dry enough! :D it's so pretty and waaarm :3
I got to sit in starbucks and do work for my first period, I got my cheap hot chocolate again! :3 it's soo goooood ^.^ plus I now only have Extended Project work to do at the weekend, HAPPY!
I was also people watching, it's really interesting to see what types of people you get in these sorts of places! It's fun trying to imagine what people are like, what they're thinking, doing, why they're with the person they're with, etc. It's also interesting hearing snippets of conversations, it lets you see in to other people's lives, even for a moment.
It's so cozy in coffee shops though, I love them because they have such a nice, calm atmosphere and you can sit there with your drink and just work or read, and you can just zone out of every day life and become engrossed in what you're doing whilst the amazing smells of coffee and the sounds of the music and people's voices just waft in and out of your consciousness. I love love love it :)
Below is a picture of my outfit today, I'm wearing a knitted jumper from Crew, dark blue jeans from Next and pumps from New Look (another separate pic for that). It looks cute but sophisticated which is what I try to aim for. I like to try & look good & classy at the same time :)
The title of this post sounds like the name of a book or song! I might have to use that one day if I ever write something! :D
Anyway, I'm going to get back to reading Jane Eyre (need to read it before the start of the spring term; starting now! :D) - there will be a review once I've read it probably! I have read it before but it was the play version - I loved it then so hopefully the book version is better! :)
Ive also posted a pic of my view from my corner seat in starbucks :D it's my favourite place, you can see everything but its also quite a secluded spot away from people :)
Byee, DFTBA guys! :3 x

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