Sunday, 4 November 2012

Curly Wurly!

I went to a party last night, it was amazing! It was a late Halloween party so I dressed up as Black widow from the Avengers/Sandy from Grease :) it was awesome, plus mum curled my hair, it looked awesome! :3 I've put a couple of pictures below but they're a bit crappy. The lighting wasn't very good and I was being photobombed every time I tried to take a photo :P I took a bowler hat off someone and it actually looked amazing with my hair curly so I've decided that I really want a trilby hat and a curling wand for Christmas/my birthday :D
We also played pool as my friend had a pool table in his garage, I fail epically!!!! :D it was great fun though! Half the time I won by default because the black ball got potted early ;P
Today I've been learn Latin endings for's actually not going too badly! Latin is quite fun but difficult at the same time >.< it's awesome seeing how many words in English derive from Latin :) so interesting! :)

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