Saturday, 24 November 2012

So I'll spend all night looking into your eyes because I want to remember them if I ever fall blind...

This is currently my favourite song ever.
Lewis Watson is amazing, he has an amazing voice (very Ed Sheeran-esque) and he's pretty x3
The title for this blog is from my favourite song by him, called Bones
I swear, if someone ever sang this to me, I'd just fall in love instantly, it's such a gorgeous song with amazingly sweet lyrics :3 <---- Lewis Watson - Bones
I lovelovelove him :3 Check it out pleaaase!

On another note, Hudson Taylor's new EP, Cinematic Lifestyle came out yesterday!! THE SONGS ARE AMAZING. BUY IT!!! I love these guys so much, they seem so lovely too, have the funniest videos as well ^^ <--- Hudson Taylor - Cinematic Lifestyle
Harry and Alfie are just ugh. I love them :D plus Alfie is dating Gabrielle Aplin (John Lewis christmas advert singer :D) so even more of a reason to love (or hate) him!

I'm off to do more biology homework .___.
Note to self: Don't miss another day off college, there's way too much work involved in catching up.... .___.
Jess xx

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