Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Skincare routine!

I've been wanting to do a post on skincare for a while but I've always had loads of other ideas that have taken priority so when Gaby came up with this as the topic for the second 2014 Blogger Challenge post, I was so happy! 
I don't actually do much for skincare but what I do seems to work so I stick to it!
I'm usually quite busy so I don't really have a set routine for when I do any skincare which is probably quite bad! However, when I actually do it, I use Neutrogena visibly clear 2 in 1 wash and mask and Neutrogena visibly clear oil free moisturiser. I use the wash/mask when I'm in the shower but never really outside of then because I don't usually have time. I then put on the moisturiser morning, evening and after a shower.
I have quite bad red patches by my nose which is also where the most dry skin is (and my forehead) and this seems to make the red patches better and make my skin less dry. Most other creams and lotions have just made it worse so I'm quite glad that I found a system that actually works pretty well!

When I have extra time at the weekend, it's also nice to treat myself a bit and I use the mask aspect of the wash/mask which is left on for a bit longer. This also helps my skin and makes it so much softer and smoother - I love it! I also like to use Waitrose's own brand rice, honey and tamanu shower milk by Umi (in store brand) at the weekend as it smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling super soft which I love!
I don't really do much skincare stuff and don't eat anything specifically to make my skin better, but I drink lots during the day and always make sure I take off all of my make up which probably helps!
Jess xx

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  1. I love using Neutrogena products for my skin!

  2. Fab post! I've nominated your for a Liebster award :) check out the post here: x

  3. I have such a simple routine, but I use a lot of the Neutrogena products too. =)

    1. I don't really do anything so it's a bit of a short post! x

  4. When you say you drink a lot during the day? ;)