Friday, 3 January 2014

Adventure day with Imie!

Today, after absolutely ages of not seeing each other, I met up with my friend Imie and went for a shopping trip in Reading! She's currently at Uni so it's obviously been very difficult to meet up so this was a great time to catch up as we were both free for once!
We started off by having lunch at my favourite restaurant (if you can call it that...), Handmade Burger Co. where we proceeded to chat about life and take sneaky photos of each other, ending with each of us having a photo where we look pretty bored/unimpressed while we were caught off guard! 

I was looking at my phone...not asleep!

Imie concentrating on her drink...and still looking crazily pretty, it's just not fair!
I love the restaurant because it's like a fancy Nandos - quieter, better quality food and an insane selection of different toppings and types of burger! It only ended up being £10 each as well which was great, student cards are the best thing to happen to this world!
We then ended up going to House of Fraser and Imie ended up getting her first MAC lipstick and lipliner which brings my tally of people I've persuaded to buy one in the last month to three - I'm quite impressed with myself. After a look in Waterstones, New Look and Zara, we stopped off at Superdrug where I bought a base coat nail polish and Imie got some more make up - see her review post here
After a final stop off at Boots and a trip to Starbucks, we headed home. 
I had a great day and I can't wait to meet up with her again - I love seeing old friends that I'm still close with even after ages! 
Jess xx

P.S. Some of my older readers (pre-2014 Challenge) will recognise the dress - I featured it in my Things I've had my eye on recently post back in October! I bought it before I went to see Catching Fire the other day and I'm so so happy with it, it fits perfectly and it's a perfect dress for the colder months as it isn't too short and the sleeves and high neckline give an extra covering most dresses don't! It's from H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams for £38. I'll do a full-body shot when I have the time!


  1. It was an awesome day and was lovely to catch up with you! (even if you're a bad influence and my bank balance bleeds because of you)
    Oh well if i starve at the end of the month, at least I'll look pretty doing so ;)

    Can't wait for you to visit me :) xxx

    1. It was! So glad we finally found a time we could both do! Haha, it's good but disguised as bad! This is very true ;P
      It'll be great, I can't either! xxx

    2. Ahaa. well its all fine - my grandparents just put in £100 into my account labeling its use as 'baked beans' Therefore I'm on the normal amount I would live on per month. (with a tiny bit extra still some how!!)
      I wont starve this month (for now- i'll probably get tempted by stuff in bham) ;)


    3. Wooo! That's always good to have a little bit extra - you can save up and use to buy other things now! ;P xxx

  2. Sounds like a great day out! Congratulations on convincing so many people to delve into MAC x

    1. It was, thank you! Haha, I'm quite proud of myself to be honest! x

  3. I like shopping in Reading but for some reason seem to go to Basingstoke more often. Glad you had a fun day girls :)

    1. I've never been to Basingstoke but it's meant to be quite good apparently! Reading is only a 15 minute train journey so it's easiest and cheapest for me to get to! :)
      Thank you! x