Monday, 28 April 2014

An interval.

Sorry I've been absent for the last week and a bit! As it's exam time and these are my final exams that will hopefully get me into University, I hope you guys will understand that I can't post nearly as much as I would like due to spending nearly every waking hour revising! I will post maybe once every week with quick little updates but I have loads of ideas for the end of June when my exams will be over and done with!
I hope you guys understand and will stick around for the next month and a bit, it'll go by in a flash!
You can always follow me via Instagram and Twitter (links in the side bar) where I can post slightly more regularly as I only need a minute or so to update them!
Jess xx

Sunday, 20 April 2014

A day out with an OOTD!

I MAY have forgotten to do a post for topic 7 of the Blogger Challenge so I've tried to incorporate it into this topic post as for my outfit post, I went to Reading as a revision break and had a friend take the photos there!
Topic 7 was to do a post about a day we've had and Topic 8 is to do a post about a Spring OOTD.

We had a walk around Waterstones which is always an amazing thing, I love bookshops!

We also went to Krispy Kreme and I had a Raspberry Chocolate Truffle doughnut! It was amazing!

I bought Paris by Edward Rutherfurd in Waterstones, a Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Elusive from Boots and MUA lipsticks in shades 2, 3 and 8 from Superdrug!

Left to right: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Elusive, MUA lipstick shade 2, 
MUA lipstick shade 3, MUA lipstick shade 8.

I had a really good day and it was a lot of fun to just hang around and relax instead of revising!

I thought that I would show an outfit that didn't include jeans so I decided to wear one of my favourite dresses! It was one of those odd days where it's sunny and warm one minute but bitterly cold the next, hence the sunglasses and boots and tights in one outfit!

Dress: H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams
Tights: M&S
Boots: Next
Sunglasses: Ted Baker
Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Mattel Lipstick in 008

Hope you guys enjoyed this mix up of topic posts! I've never done outfit posts because I've never been able to find someone to take photos for me so thanks Rob!

Jess xx

A bonus photo...what happens when I fail at keeping my balance!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Instagram snapshots #5

I haven't done one of these since the beginning of last month so I apologise for that! I have a good selection of snapshots for you this time around though! 

Absolutely brilliant book.
They actually are heavenly!
Costa date!
MY CAR! Absolutely brilliant 18th!
Beautiful silver trowel necklace, I'm so lucky :)
My minion birthday cake!
It's nice to treat myself sometimes.
My current favourite lipstick!
Because I like my make up and hair for once!
Captain America was so good!
Perfect revision snacks!
Hope you guys enjoyed this!
Jess xx 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


I decided to create a Spotify account yesterday to help me get through revision with some of my favourite music! 
I was always a little sceptical of it but now I've tried it, I'm in love and can't stop searching bands and artists that I love to find new music! Much easier than trawling through countless Youtube videos of covers or relying on 30 second snippets on iTunes! 
If you want to check my account out, click here and it will take you to my page where you should be able to access my Favourites playlist!
Let me know what you guys think, if you find any new artists through my playlist, and feel free to follow as I'm sure I'll be adding to it and creating new ones imminently! 
Jess xx

Saturday, 12 April 2014

This week.

I've been on Easter holiday for the last week which only means one thing for people in my age group: exams are just around the corner. 
As well as revising, I've actually been giving myself little breaks and have managed to meet up with friends! 
On Wednesday, I went to my friend Rob's for a movie night which was awesome fun! We ended up playing a lot of cards, eating pizza then watching Lord Of the Rings at about 12.30am! I've never actually seen it and it was good when I was actually paying attention! We also watched part of the second one on Thursday morning too before leaving and that was also good - Gollum made me laugh quite a lot! My boyfriend also cooked us all bacon so I was pretty happy when I woke up! I had to drive there by myself which was actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be - I can drive surprising well considering I didn't know the area! I also drove to Waitrose with Rob to get some snacks before the party started and I managed to park which is a feat too! I haven't been to many parties with college people but they're a lot of fun and not as alcohol filled as I would expect - people just got happy instead of completely incoherent which lead to a really nice atmosphere and I ended up having a lot of fun, it was a nice break from revision!
Today, me and my family also went to the cinema to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier! I've been wanting to see it pretty much since it came out so I was really excited and I was right to be! It might actually be one of my favourite Marvel films so far, each character was brilliant and the whole thing was interesting, it didn't take too long for the action to get going which was great! I also loved the end of credits scene as per usual, they always make me so excited for the next Marvel film! If you haven't seen it yet I really recommend it, it'll make you feel pretty much every emotion available on the human spectrum which is pretty impressive for a film that's just over 2 hours long! 
The next week will be pretty much solid revision which may be a bit dull, but hopefully it pays off in the end! 
Jess xx

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon review.

I think I've found an even better pink than the Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 008 I was raving about in February...
I picked up Revlon's Super Lustrous in Pink in the Afternoon a while back and spent my Boots points on it - I'm so glad I did as I love it! It's a gorgeous soft, almost baby pink that suits my skin tone perfectly and is almost the same colour as my Rimmel lipstick but is less ashy and brightens my face a bit more. It's super creamy and soft, doesn't dry my lips out and stays on for a good few hours without needing to be reapplied, so no less than my usual lipsticks from other brands. 
This is my first Rimmel lipstick and I really love it - the other colours in the range are so pretty and the packaging is simple but works really well. I especially like the clear top as it makes it a lot easier to look at the colours and pick the one you want!

It's basically a 'my lips but better' colour again (I think I'm having a neutral lipstick phase) but is more flattering than the Rimmel 008. It also has a slight shine which makes it look quite natural and pretty! It's my most worn lipstick over the last month or so and I can safely say it's staying in my bag as a regular!
I've also read somewhere that it's inspired by the colour Audrey Hepburn's character Holly wears in Breakfast at Tiffany's which makes me rather happy - I love Audrey's style!
Available from Boots for £7.49
Do you guys have any from this range? What other colours should I try?
Jess xx

Friday, 4 April 2014

The Liebster Award #3!

In the last two weeks I've been set about 5 essays and a million years worth of reading to do so I haven't had any time to blog - I'm sorry for my absence! I have a few posts lined up for the next couple of weeks or so, hopefully having one written every few days to give me little breaks from revision over the Easter holidays!

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Kate again which is awesome and very kind of her! 

The Rules
You need to link back to the nominator 
State 11 Facts about yourself
Answer the 11 questions given to you 
Nominate 11 new bloggers with less than 200 followers 
And give those nominated 11 new questions

11 facts about me
1. I have a serious love for Pink Marc de Champagne truffles from Charbonnel and Walker currently, they're the nicest things and they aren't too expensive!
2. I spent most of last week in the library when I wasn't in lessons and it actually wasn't bad! I used to hate it in there but I've learnt to love it this year.
3. I lost a couple of followers this week and it makes me sad that people have stopped liking my blog because I can't post frequently.
4. I have my exams in a month and a half and I don't feel as stressed as I know I should be - this blog will definitely be part of my exam breaks!
5. I'm actually looking forward to spending two solid weeks revising...I love my subjects so much so it will be good!
6. I'm deathly afraid of spiders. I was in the library three days ago and I almost cried because a big one was on the wall next to me.
7. I have a strip of clear floor going round my room but that's it...I need to tidy up.
8. I haven't read any books for fun since The Rosie Project and that makes me sad - I hate not having time to even pick up a book!
9. I'm determined to organise myself properly with these upcoming exams and I plan to make lots of resources, lists and timetables to sort myself a schedule!
10. I've managed to find a make up look I like and only takes 5 minutes at the most for when I'm running late! It also all fits in my tiny make up bag so I can do it at college if needed!
11. My favourite piece of clothing at the moment is my pair of lounge trousers! They're the comfiest thing to wear around the house when I'm not going anywhere!

Kate's questions
1) What's your favourite song at the moment?

Umm....I have So Long by Ingrid Michaelson stuck in my head currently so I'll go for that!

2) How happy are you on a scale of 1 - 10 right now?

I'm pretty happy but I'm also relatively stressed which always brings my mood down a bit so maybe a 7?

3) What's the saddest thing you've heard in the past week?

There hasn't been anything that I can think of which is actually really good! 

4) Write about the person you think of the most.

Oh gosh. I will probably say a group and they're honestly some of the best friends I have. I don't see them often at all now I'm at a different college but when I do get together with them (like my birthday film day), it's as if I was never away from them and I think that's when you know they're true friends and you belong in the group with them. They're the only group I truly feel like I belong in and don't have doubts about ever which doesn't mean I don't like my other groups of friends, but I fit with this lot like clockwork. 

5) Do you overuse any words or phrases?
I can't think of any! I'm quite sarcastic though...

6) Where do you want to be in ten years' time?
Either travelling and doing Archaeology or working in a museum - as long as I'm near history I don't mind what I'm doing at all!

7) What's your favourite time of the day and why?

Probably when the sun is going down - the sky is so pretty and it changes colour daily, sometimes it's orange like the sky is on fire and other times it's bright pink and purple!

8) Do you have any disgusting habits? Please divulge.

I click my fingers and toes quite a lot which is bad...

9) Talk about your earliest memory.

When I was in playgroup, we had a day where we got to dress up in saris and my friend took the one I liked - I still remember that it was red with gold stars but I can't remember the one I had in the end!

10) Is anything hurting you right now?

I haven't seen my boyfriend much this week even though we're at the same college which is a bit of a bummer...

11) How does blogging impact on your daily life?

I randomly think of good blog posts and have to write them down, I'm on the look out for good pictures and absolutely anything can inspire me to write a post. I've actually written several posts on my notes on my phone when I have 10 minutes of inspiration!

My nominees

My questions
1. Do you believe in fate?
2. Favourite smell?
3. If you could, what would you change your name to?
4. Current favourite song?
5. What was that last book you read?
6. Favourite sweet?
7. If you could have two superpowers, what would they be?
8. What is one thing you wish you were better at?
9. Favourite piece of clothing?
10. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?
11. Top three favourite blogs?

Thanks for reading and hopefully you'll be seeing more of me over the next couple of weeks!
Jess xx