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I've had some good feedback with the last one so hopefully this goes well!
Time to take a look in my actual wardrobe!

In school, we always complained about having to wear blazers, but now I'm not forced to wear them, I love them! It's weird right?! I think they look so cute and sophisticated at the same time!

Navy blazer from Crew and Beige cord blazer from Crew
(also with Chip & Dale top underneath from H&M)
My navy blazer is so cute and I love the white rim around the edges, it's kind of nautical which I love!!
The cord one is also amazing, as is the top! The blazer has the most awesome details on the buttons too!

Pretty tops
I like to wear things that look cute but sophisticated so I try to buy things that fit with that look!

Both tops are from a really cute boutique near college!

Cardigan from Debenhams and stripy navy 3/4 length sleeved top from Crew
I've shown the top two tops before but I've fallen in love with them! The polka dot shirt is a bit baggy so it needs a belt around it to make it look right on me. The penguin top is just amazing, I love it so much and it just looks so cute!
This is one of my favourite top combinations that I wear. The top also goes really well with the navy blazer above!

Casual t-shirts
We all have those days where you just can't be bothered to make an effort with getting dressed so you throw on a baggy top. As a self-confessed dork/nerd, I have a pretty big collection (the ones shown in the pic are probably a third of the amount I have) of weird band tops/funny tops/fan tops.

From top left (clockwise): I know kung fu (and 15 other languages) top from Newbreed Girl
Jody has a Hitlist band top from a gig!
Ninja and Dinosaur top from TK Maxx
Moustaches of the world top from Topshop
'I wear a Stetson now, Stetsons are cool' Doctor who top from a Doctor who shop in the Isle of Wight!
I love wearing my weird tops, they're just nice to wear on weekends if I'm just doing homework.
As well as a Doctor who top, I have a couple of Harry Potter tops too!  I also have way too many band tops from various gigs I've been to!
TK Maxx is also amazing for getting cheap graphic tops like my dinosaur/ninja top, I bought this one for £8!

Jumpers/fluffy clothes!!
I get quite cold normally so I love my jumpers, cardigans and other fluffy tops that I have!

Grey waterfall cardigan from Crew
Blue & white striped jumper and navy gilet from Fat Face
Pink and Teal V neck jumpers from Crew
Knitted jumper dress from Crew
As you've probably gathered by now, I like my Crew clothing. Its cute but still looks stylish and sophisticated!
The waterfall cardigan is so warm! I usually wear it with a belt round the middle because it looks really nice when it's pulled in more but it's also good for lazy pyjama days and you just need something to wrap around yourself.
I bought the jumper and gilet together from a shop in Reading and I just love them. Its a cute design on the jumper with mini hearts in the stripes and the gilet is also super warm because it has wool (or something like that) on the inside!!
The Crew V neck jumpers are my favourite pieces of clothing ever. I've had the pink one for quite a while and I really wanted more colours so I could wear them with more as it was so pretty and cute. For Christmas, my Grandma bought me the green one; the one out of the selection I loved the most! They're really great because you can wear them with a cami underneath or a white shirt or whatever really! I find a white shirt or a black cami looks the best though.
The jumper dress is great because it can almost pass for a Christmas jumper with the print it has! This is a really nice piece of clothing because you can wear it over leggings or jeans and it'll still look great!

I'm a massive girly girl who can never resist a pretty dress! I'm just very weird in the fact that I seem to wear dresses more in the winter and autumn than the summer...

Blue/green dress from Crew, Pink dress from West One

Black dove dress from Shikha London
I love the floral designs on the first two dresses, it's so pretty! But patterns are always good too!
Obviously had to add one in from Crew! It's light and the skirt is tiered so it's swishy which I love!
The pink one is on of my favourites ever. The top has a really pretty tie up detail and its swishy again!
The dove dress is so pretty but quite reserved with the high neck line. This one has a straight skirt but its light material anyway!

I can say that I have an obsession with scarves. I have over 20, I'm sure! They really are one of the best accessories and they bring some outfits together completely. Scarves are so good for when it's cold but not arctic temperatures (obviously then scarves, hats and gloves are compulsory!) but you still need that little extra bit to stay warm.

From left to right: Green scarf from Fat Face
Butterfly scarf from boutique near college
Squirrel scarf from Crew
Floral scarf from a second hand shop in my village
Owl scarf from New Look
Floral scarf from Cara
I bought the green scarf at the same shop as the gilet and jumper, just ages before! I got it with a cute stripy vest top and they look so good together!
I had my eye on the butterfly scarf for about 2 weeks before I finally had enough money to buy it (thank you babysitting...) and it's so good because it goes with so many of my clothes! My English teacher actually asked where I got it from (she's pretty well dressed so it's a good thing!) so I'm pretty proud of myself!
My grandma also bought me the squirrel scarf for Christmas and I love it! The pattern is so cute and it's warmer than most scarves of this sort.
I got the floral one at a late night shopping last year, I saw it and instantly fell in love! I actually wear it most with the grey cardigan and stripy navy top above!
The owls are so cute it's unreal! It's also a really pretty colour that goes with quite a lot so I'm happy I bought it!
The orange floral is the first scarf I bought on a shopping trip with friends and afterwards, I realised  didn't have anything it goes with so I went to New Look and bought a £2.50 orange cami to go with it!

I own so much jewellery but I don't wear it that often which is strange because I love most of the pieces I have!

From left to right: Johnny get the Gun guitar pick
Dove necklace
Cornish silver chain
Silver heart pendant
Heart and bow necklace
Cross pendant
Owl necklace
For the Foxes guitar pick
Johnny get the Gun are one of my favourite bands out there. I have 2 of them on facebook and last year they sent me their CD for free along with a sticker and 2 more guitar picks (not on string!). It was also signed which is awesome!
The Dove necklace was a present from a friend who went to Canada. I was given it about 5 years ago but only started wearing it about 2 years ago when my it fit in with my clothing style.
My grandma and granddad gave me this chain when I went to Cornwall with them and my family when I was about 10. It holds some sentimental value too; I still remember being given it in the kitchen of the holiday home we were staying in!
I bought the heart on holiday from one of the many National Trust and English Heritage places me and my family visit! I can't remember which place it was from but I know it was one of them!
I bought this from Claire's because I found it so cute; it has 'I love you' written on it in 5 or so languages! It also makes a tinkly noise when you walk whilst wearing it which is both awesome and really annoying!
I got the cross from the gift shop by a part of Hadrian's wall I visited! I'm not religious but my younger self thought it was pretty (still do!) and bought it!
The owl necklace is from Accessorize and I love it because it has slightly wonky feathers instead of being all perfect and the same like the rest of them! Me in necklace form I think!
I got the final one from the Mayday Parade gig I went to last October. I bought a piece of merch from each band that played and this is what I got from For the Foxes! They're really good and the lead singer was such a nice person!

So that's shoulders done! If you've read this far then give yourself a pat on the back and a cookie - I barely made it this far!
Thanks for reading!
Jess xx

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