Monday, 18 February 2013


Only one day left after this!! The second look at my wardrobe!

I pretty much live in jeans. They're comfy, warm and look good without having to do much. I like having my legs covered because it gets pretty cold when they aren't so trousers and jeans are the best things for it!

From left to right: Dark blue straight leg denim jeans from Next
Black skinny jeans from Red Herring, Debenhams
Pink 3/4 length jeans from Crew
White cropped trousers from Marks and Spencer

My blue jeans are my current go to. They look good with most things but I have to wear my light blue jeans (not shown here) with dark coloured tops.
My black jeans can either show a rocker look or a cute look, depending on the top!
My pink 3/4 lengths are amazing. They finish just below my knees and they're tight fitting so they look really nice! I love wearing them with navy and white because it just works together!
My white trousers are less tight than my other trousers, perfect for warm summer days!

I don't wear shorts much anymore, and for that reason I only have a couple of pairs.

Left: from Dorothy Perkins
Right: from Hollister
The Dorothy Perkins pair are a good length and the roll up bottom bits are really nice because they stop them being baggy!
Despite being pretty short, even for shorts, the Hollister pair are really good for hot days and they aren't as short as they look! I love the ripped detail on them, gives them a worn and casual look that I love.

I wear skirts a lot in the winter, it's the same as dresses! I really don't understand myself sometimes.

From the top, clockwise: Blue floral skirt from Johnnie B
White and navy skirt from Hollister
Denim jean skirt from Next
Brown, pink & purple plaid skirt from Crew
The floral skirt is really nice and swishy! It's also quite short which is nice for the summer, it also goes nicely with boots and leggings in the winter!
The Hollister skirt has layers underneath which makes it flay out a bit and I love that! It's cute and flirty and it has flower cut out details over the whole thing which is really nice!
The denim skirt is good for edgy looks with black boots or heels! For when you want to look edgy/rocker and you don't want to wear jeans again!
I actually wore the crew skirt to my college interview so obviously it can be dressed up to look smart! It can also be dressed down to look cute and girly though.

I don't wear tights because they hurt my feet, so instead I wear leggings with skirts! They're so much warmer and they're darker than normal tights too, it's also good because you don't have to worry about flashing people as much!
Leggings are also great for when you just want something comfy to wear out or to lounge around in at the weekend.

Lounge trousers
My best investment yet. I wear these when I'm at home revising or just lounging around (hence the name) and they're honestly the comfiest things I own!
Plaid lounge trousers from Johnnie B
I love these so much, I wear them all the time when I'm at home all weekend and I just love them!!

I'll be back tomorrow for my final instalment of the four!
Jess xx

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