Monday, 11 February 2013

Books and snow.

It snowed again today!! I'm not in college this week because of half term so I don't mind it! The flakes were massive so it looked really pretty outside!  I managed to catch one on my hoodie sleeve but it melted before I could take a picture of it!
I've managed to do quite a lot of work today which I'm really happy about, only Ancient history and English lit work to go! Well, and reading, but I don't really count that as work because it's fun and I enjoy it. I've also wanted to read Jane Eyre since I did it in play form at secondary school, my Grandma bought me a gorgeous version of the with really nice thick pages and such a pretty cover but sadly I never got time to read the whole thing! Luckily I'm getting to read it now and it's fantastic!
I've managed to fill my iPhone up, I've had to start taking songs and apps off my phone! :(
I'm seeing my old school friends tomorrow, I'm visiting when they're still in school which will be fun! More on that tomorrow!
Jess xx

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