Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

So! The day of love has arrived, and ironically, people either love it or hate it!
I personally have a bit of an apathy for can be an equally nice day if you don't have someone because it gives you an excuse to watch soppy rom coms and eat masses of chocolate! I just don't like the idea that there is a day where you're meant to show how much you love someone by how much you can spend on someone...surely it's just the market trying to make money out of people? If you're in a good relationship, you shouldn't need a day to prove you love someone, you should do it anyway!
A reason to love Valentine's day is the yummy food that comes out of it, namely the limited edition Starbucks hot chocolate, Strawberry chocolate kiss. It's hot chocolate with whipped cream and strawberry drizzle on top. It's so good, if a little bit sickly when you reach the syrup that sunk to the bottom...

So yummy!

Now on to another holiday, Easter! The malteaster bunnies are back...and this time they've brought out baby bunnies! They taste so good and they're so cute! They actually taste like malteasers instead of being like the big bunnies.

How cute?!
Just as a show of how small they are!!
I've finally finished my English essay for my coursework! I'm so happy because it's slightly under the word count, meaning I can use the remaining words on my creative writing piece! It's the reason I haven't had a life over the last few days so I'm happy it's over! I still need to mess around with the referencing but it won't take very long so I'm super happy!
Amazingly, I haven't been feeling totally bogged down by work which is strange, I think because I'm not worrying about it as much, I'm not feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work. I also wrote down everything I have to do so when I've completed stuff, I can cross it off the list and feel better because I can physically see how much I have left.
Yesterday, I found an online magazine called Sweet Lemon, it's fantastic! It's only been running since late 2011 and has 8 issues but each issue has roughly 100 pages, and online it takes quite a while to get through! For me, who likes older fashion styles made for people around 5 years older, I'm in love with this magazine that's built for young women. It has so many interesting articles and granted, it is aimed towards University graduates so I'm not really right for some of the articles, but most of them are awesome! There's a lot of interesting interviews with bloggers and successful women and lots of fashion based things which is really cool! I like looking through the picks from the different editors because they all have such different styles! It's good because it isn't the typical magazine telling you how to look better, what the latest celebrity gossip is etc. It's just different! Maybe because it's run by bloggers (including College Prep!) so it's put together like loads of posts! Whatever it is, I love it!!
I've managed to find my friends birthday presents, some up to 6 months late! I'm genuinely hopeless at finding presents so I'm really glad my mum has shown me the website where they're from! I can't post what they are because I know they read my blog! (Hi Katie, Julia and Phoebe!)
Anyway, I'm off because I've run out of interesting things to say!
Jess xx

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