Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tag! You're it.

So Kate has tagged me in some question chain things ( which would be awesome if I knew 11 bloggers I'm friends with...

Here are the rules

- You answer the eleven questions the tagger has given you and make eleven more for the people you're going to tag!
- Tag eleven more bloggers
- Tell the people you have tagged to get their bums in gear (tell them you tagged them)
- No tagging back!

Already I'm having to say that I'm going to have to break some of these rules; I don't know eleven bloggers, let alone being friends with eleven bloggers, and I'm tagging Kate again so I don't look like a complete loser!

So, the questions...

1. Favourite drink ever? I will have to say either Diet Lemonade, Appletiser or Peach Ribena...they're all so good!!
2. The best film you ever saw and why? I have a lot of favourite films... Notting Hill - it's funny and cute and such a good rom com, Avengers - Iron man, Hulk, Thor, Loki and Captain America just shouldn't be allowed in a film together, too much awesome and WAY too much sass...honestly so so good!, My week with Marilyn - I love Marilyn Monroe and this film has Eddie Redmayne in it, what other reasons do I need? There are more but my final one of this list is... Aristocats - obviously I had to add a Disney film in here somewhere! It's such a cute film with the most awesome songs! What's not to love?!
3. The best book you ever read and why? The first book that jumps to mind when this question came up was Adorkable by Sarra Manning; It's the reason I'm writing this blog post after all! It's made me accept that being different is okay and I've accepted my weirdness! I'm happy with who I am and I'm not scared to stand out and be different from everyone now! As Jeane says, We have nothing to declare but our dorkiness and Never shield your oddness, but wear your oddness like a shield.
4. Your most worn pair of shoes? Both pairs are boots, one are my heeled riding boots and the others are a pair of snow boots that have been very useful over the last couple of weeks!

Snow boots! Aka the life savers!
My riding boots!

5. Most recent purchase? Yay! A short question! I bought a bag of blue raspberry bon bons today from the weekly market in town! They're my favourite sweets ever!
6. The website you spend the most time on and why? Either Twitter because I find some funny conversation between people, or Tumblr because I get distracted by the awesome pictures! I do spend a lot of time on Facebook talking to people though...
7. Your favourite place in the world and why? I have a few. My bedroom because it's quiet and I'm surrounded by all of my stuff, it's nice to have a place that's completely personal. I like my living room too because then I get to spend time with my family which is always good. I love going to my grandma's too because it always smells nice and its just so warm and nice, and obviously the piano is there so yay for that! My last is Starbucks, doesn't really matter where but I do like the one by college because it's small and cozy. I always get my best ideas for my blog here, even though it's busy, it's where I get my alone time where I can just relax and think, and obviously hot chocolate!!!!!
8. What colour is your bedroom? It's a pale green, I got it done for my birthday when I moved up from secondary school so it looked more grown up from the purple, pink and blue with fairies I had before that...
9. Your favourite song? I answered this yesterday! My favourite song is Good Morning Sunshine by Alex Day, it always makes me happy! The link is on my last post!
10. What is your favourite season? I LOVE Autumn. Everything is changing colour and making the world pretty reds, golds and oranges. Plus it means that it's not boiling hot or freezing cold so you can wear nice clothes that don't cover up or show too much! Just in the middle and I love it!
11. Favourite word and why? Intricate - very complicated or detailed. It's a pretty word, and when I think of it, I imagine a huge tapestry that's got loads of patterns and stories woven in to it, and the more you look at it, the more you see.

I'm now tagging:
2 good friends at college that created blogs after I told them about this one!

My questions to them:
1. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
2. Favourite book and why?
3. Space invaders or pacman?
4. If you could be a superhero, what would you be called and what powers would you have?
5. Favourite band and why?
6. What is the one thing you can't live without?
7. What job would you have if you could get any?
8. Favourite piece of clothing?
9. Favourite food?
10. Pirates or ninjas?
11. One band/artist you want to see live, dead or alive?

Hope you guys enjoyed!
Jess xx


  1. Ah we had a really similar answer for the favourite book question!

    1. Oh yeah! Well it is an awesome book and the reason for both of us being here :P