Sunday, 20 January 2013

Coffee shops and swing dresses

I've realised that yesterday is the only day I didn't post during this entire week! I'm sticking to my goals pretty well!
I spent all of Friday watching films and managed to get through Notting Hill, The Holiday, The Proposal and Love Actually.
I watched My week with Marilyn on Saturday, it's about Marilyn Monroe and it's an amazing film, I really love it. Today I watched the real Marilyn in Some like it Hot, it was fantastic, if you haven't seen it, a full version is on YouTube, it's well worth the watch!
It's reinforced my love for Marilyn and the 40s/50s style. I've always loved how pretty and feminine the clothes were for women in the 40s and 50s, I wish it was fine to wear swing dresses nowadays, they're so pretty!
I always like thinking about what the 50s in New York would be like, just sitting around in a coffee shop, I don't know why but I really like the idea of it! Just the thought of sitting around with jazz playing in the background would be amazing.

I love Marilyn Monroe though. We had to research her for history last year and I found her story so interesting but tragic. She was such a good actress and singer, plus she was beautiful and not a stick like most celebrities today. She wasn't perfect and she got where she did because of her talent. I really love her because even though she had all of the problems, she was still amazing.

I have the day off college again tomorrow so I get a 4 day weekend which is pretty cool! I think tomorrow will be a Disney film day...
Jess xx

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