Thursday, 10 January 2013


I got two of the cutest tops today, I'm so happy! I was originally looking to buy this really cute dress that was in the window of the shop but I couldn't find it anywhere else, and being super socially awkward, I didn't ask the guy to get it out of the window for me! Instead I found these two gorgeous tops!
The first is a super cute mustard 3/4 length sleeved jumper with a black collar attached and PENGUINS on the front! How amazing is that?! I don't normally like yellow clothes, but this is amazing!
The second is that I've been wanting for ages. I've seen lots of variations on lots of different websites and I've been searching for one that is affordable and from somewhere I can actually try it on at! So this is perfect, it was £10 in the sale and it fits perfectly! It's made from a really nice fabric, it's like a shirt but softer material, I can't really explain it! I love it though. And what more needs to be said other than polka dots. I've been looking for something pretty with polka dots and this is perfect, I'm so happy I've found something! Plus it has that cute pussybow collar which is adorable!
They're both amazing and I love them to bits, two very good purchases I think!

PENGUINS. £30 for this, so worth the money, it's really warm and soft!
POLKA DOTS! I love this so so much,
looks better with the belt added to it though, gives it more shape.

I also forgot to say on my previous post, another couple of my favourite books are A Place called Here by Cecelia Ahern and P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern. P.S. I love you is such a fantastic film but the book is 10 times better, always is! I definitely recommend reading these, they're so good!
I have to try and write a personal statement for a summer school I'm applying to at Oxford tutor has also given me a couple of books to read so I can add them to show that I'm interested in Classics and read more than what I'm meant to! It's going to be hard but hopefully I'll get it done!

I'm so happy I'm blogging again though, I didn't realise how much I missed it until I came back yesterday!
Jess xx

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