Monday, 14 January 2013

Stupid snow

So it snowed again today! Yay. I don't really like snow much if I'm honest. It's so pretty when its actually snowing, but the second it hits the floor it's nothing but trouble and its horrible. It was really thick on the grass outside the classroom window and when we got out of our lesson, the ground was slushy and there were people throwing snowballs. I hate idiots that throw them at anyone, they're just being stupid because snowballs can actually hurt quite a lot. Fair enough if you're playing with friends, but don't get everyone involved. I love having fun in the snow as much as the next person, but I prefer it when it's not at risk of trapping me at college and stopping lessons, and it messes up the transport systems so it's hard to get anywhere because of traffic and delays. Plus it makes it super dangerous to walk anywhere so it's hard to go anywhere! Anyway! Rant over.

I GOT AN A IN MY ANCIENT HISTORY ESSAY I DID AGES AGO! I'm beyond happy! I worked really hard on it so it was hoping it was going to be good! This is the 2nd A I've got and 1st for Ancient History so I'm really happy that I've shown that I'm capable of getting As at A level! Yay!

I got a late Christmas present from my parents today too, it's the cutest pair of pyjamas! The top has a beagle on it! I have a beagle so I'm super happy because they're so cute! The bottoms are like lounge trousers but they're fleecy and so warm, and they're stripy which is so cool! :')
Jess xx

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