Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Fruit Pastilles

It snowed again today which is annoying because I liked being back at college again and seeing all of my friends! I have to do a performance of a section of 'Agamemnon' in classics on Thursday though which could be interesting!

On another note, I really hate it when people only talk to you when they want something or feel down. It's like they only think you're good for sorting out problems or doing them favours and it really annoys me how people think that's okay. Why would someone want to help you if you aren't good friends and don't talk to them when you're in a good mood? It makes me for one not want to help as much because seeming to only be in a bad mood when talking to me makes me feel like the person only finds them interesting or helpful if there's something to help with, not someone who they can talk to and just have a good conversation with. I don't really have to say much about people that only talk when they want something; that's just rude and selfish. For both, it's taking advantage of the person's kindness and friendship. Anyway, rant over!

I'm sorting out my driving license application as well which is exciting and scary too! I have to get it sorted out by the doctors though which will take ages so mine provisional probably won't be sorted for few months yet.

We were learning about amino acids in biology today and my teacher who was absent last week got us to make amino acids in groups from cocktail sticks and fruit pastilles! It was so good because our group did it well and then we got to eat the fruit pastilles afterwards! A whole big bag between 3 of us!! It was a great start back to college!

The awesome fruit pastille amino acid!

Sorry my posts have been a bit random and jumpy recently, I haven't had much to say! Hopefully it'll improve soon!
Jess xx

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