Thursday, 17 January 2013

Moving on

This year I'm trying to, and have to, move on in lots of aspects in life.
One thing is that I'm having to start looking at universities and open days and courses which is so exciting but scary at the same time! I've also been trying to get on to summer schools and taster days for ancient history/classics so they look good on applications and to see if it's truly something I want to continue with at Uni. It's quite scary because the summer schools and taster days need what is essentially a personal statement which I shouldn't really have to write until next year so that's quite hard! Moving on in my school life is difficult and scary but it's also really fun! Moving from GCSE at secondary school to A levels at college was a big move but it was so worth it, hopefully moving on from college to Uni will be just as good!

On an awesome note, I'm improving my confidence with talking to people! I've been talking more to the people around me that either hang around with the friendship group I'm sometimes with, or people I don't usually talk to in classes and it's really good because I've met some really nice people!

Sorry my posts have been so short recently, I don't have much time and I don't have many ideas which is a bit annoying! Any ideas would be appreciated! :P
Jess xx

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