Sunday, 13 January 2013

I will survive!

I had my first driving lesson at Mercedes Benz world even though I'm not 17 today!
I didn't crash or kill anyone!
I was so nervous to begin with, but it was really good once I knew how to do everything. I was in a manual which made everything just that little bit harder, but I got the knack of it in the end which is good! So yeah, I'm super proud of myself that I actually did well!
I'm so excited too, Dan and Phil's radio show is starting in 5 minutes!!! I just know it's going to be amazing! I've got to listen to the rest of radio 1 at the moment and it's so's hurting my ears :( but I don't want to miss the start of Dan and Phil's radio show!!!!!!!!! The things I do for my favourite YouTubers :')
Jess xx

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