Sunday, 27 January 2013

American sweets and a miserable film!

I went to see Les Miserables yesterday, it was a fantastic film! I was so sad, but great. And all of the performances were fantastic, especially Eddie Redmayne!
I also bought a couple of packs of American sweets that I haven't tried before; Dots and Swedish Fish, they're both so nice!

They're both so good!

I babysat a couple of girls from the brownie group that I volunteer at last night so that was fun, I ended up watching a few programmes from when I was about 10, talk about blast from the past! I also got to watch Pirates of the Caribbean and Drillbit Taylor which was good! I also got paid which replaced the money I spent in the cinema - it's crazily expensive to go to the cinema now, almost £8 for a teen ticket!
I got my drivers licence photo taken today...I look like a complete idiot!!
So happy that Top gear is back now, I'm watching that while listening to Dan and Phil's radio show!! S'all good :)
Jess xx

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