Saturday, 12 January 2013

Fashion is a crime...

So my English teacher told me yesterday that her and her husband (my Ancient History teacher) think I'm stylish! It actually made me smile that someone notices what I wear! I couldn't stop smiling all day.
I really love the way I dress even though its a bit old for my age, just means that I won't have to worry about buying loads of clothes when I get to Uni, that's always useful! It's nice to know that people actually like what I wear and I'm giving off the vibe I want to, it's honestly made me so happy.

On another note, season 10 of NCIS started yesterday in England! IT WAS AMAZING! I'm so glad everyone is okay :') at the end of the last season, there was a massive explosion and it was so scary! Does anyone else watch it? Not many people I know do and that means that I can't fangirl about it! I've actually watched every episode from every season I think, it's so good, watch it if you get the chance!

I got to go to Reading with a friend I haven't seen since before summer which was great! Also......I went in to a Starbucks and didn't buy anything. I'm so proud of myself!

I'm sitting at home doing homework on a Saturday the wild life here!
Jess xx
P.S. did ya like the title after reading this? ;P I thought it was pretty clever because NCIS is a kind of crime investigation show and then clothes!!

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