Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mentoring captain america!

It's surprising how tiring college is after being ill, even though I was only in for 2 lesson, I'm shattered!
You could tell I was feeling rubbish today though, I was wearing my Captain America jumper and hat - the ultimate lazy day outfit! Comfy but still looks half decent!

I do mentoring at a local secondary school with the gifted and talented section of College and it officially starts next week! I'm quite excited because the girl I've been paired with is actually pretty nice! It's going to be entertaining actually getting to the school though...I'm bound to get lost or be late!

I emailed my biology teacher to get my work from the lesson I missed yesterday so I could catch up, turns out she sent me the work for Friday's lesson so now I'm a lesson ahead of everyone else which is awesome! Means that Friday will really end up being a revision lesson for me which is what I need!

One of my favourite songs came on shuffle today. I hadn't heard it for a while because I go through phases where I listen to different artists or playlists for a week or so constantly, but it came on shuffle and it automatically put me in such a good mood! I love it when music can have that much of an impact on you!
Good Morning Sunshine - Alex Day
It's written by one of my favourite YouTubers and contains 2 of the others (Crabstickz & ItsWayPastMyBedTime - Chris and Carrie are amazing!) so it's awesome!

Sorry my posts have been all over the place without saying proper things that are interesting! I'll think of something soon, promise!
Jess xx


  1. Hey! I tagged you in this taggy-post thing:
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  2. Haha! Yeah, I'm going to tag you (sorry! Don't want to look like a loner!) and possibly a couple of people!