Friday, 11 January 2013


I know this is super late 2 weeks in to 2013 now but I've actually come up with some goals for this year! I'm not going to call them resolutions because these really are general things I just think will be good for me to work constantly. I don't want to say I need to do this within the year because I need to carry some of them on. But I suppose some could be counted as the usual type of resolution...
So here goes; My goals for 2013 and beyond.

Revise work from the beginning
I'm pretty horrible at revising. I end up leaving the bulk of it until about a week until the exam and then having a mental breakdown at the amount of work I have, resulting in me becoming a complete social recluse who only comes out of their room for food. I've decided that the stress isn't worth it so this term I'm going to try and revise what I learned in the lesson that night. Hopefully this way the information will start to sink in and I won't have to work as hard to remember everything!

Read more
Obviously because of the subjects I take, I have to read a lot of books that are on the syllabus. However, I get very little time to just read a book because I want to read it. This year I'm going to try and read more purely for the sake of reading instead of for a subject. It will be a nice way of taking a break for working while still doing something valuable and productive.

Take more photos
Not all memories stay in your mind so photos are the best ways to preserve memories of days, people, places or times. I don't take many photos of (or with) people I know so I'm going to try and change that.

Don't get distracted as easily
I know, easier said than done, but I really have to stop getting so distracted because it doesn't help with my work. Yes, breaks are good, but I need to know when to stop and know when to get back to my work.

Be confident in myself
I need to be more confident with what I look like and myself in general. I need to just accept who I am, because no matter what, I'm stuck like this for life, happy with it or not, and there's no point being awkward/miserable about what I can't change.

Talk to people more
If I know them, I can talk to someone for days. Annoyingly, if I don't, I'm as awkward as anything.  want to try and be more confident when meeting new people because you can meet some lovely people if you just talk to them!

Make an effort with friends
I feel like I neglect my friends due to my work load which I feel really guilty about. I'm worried that if I carry on just solely focussing on work then I'll lose my friends which I really don't want to do. I love them all loads but my work always take priority over everything which is good if I want a good education and good results at the end, but I don't want to become a social recluse that only works and doesn't ever meet up with people. Hopefully I can change that this year and see everyone more!

Blog more!
Even though I had over 100 posts last year, I feel like I've neglected the blog quite badly this year and I feel bad! I lovelovelove blogging but sometimes it's so hard to think of something new to write about. However, I also feel bad if I just leave it for ages until  come up with something! I'm compiling a list of ideas that I can write about if I ever get stuck though so fear not! I'm going to aim for a post every other day at the least, but I really want to try posting at least once every day; it's a nice break from proper work and I can just write for ages about whatever I like instead of a book or source I've been set!

So hopefully I'll be able to actually stick to these goals, it will be fun and exciting to try new things and do more of things I love!
Jess xx

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