Thursday, 13 September 2012


So I'm on the train to college at the moment and I've got separated from my friends which kinda sucks :P but the train is full so I'm sitting with loads of people that I don't know around me and no one is talking! I find this strange, why cant people just start conversations with people they don't know? I know I'm being really hypocritical as I'm not talking either, but I just don't understand why people don't talk to others that they don't know! That's how you make friends, right? One of my best friends at college and I met the first day when we were getting the train! And that seems to have worked out fine! I just find it strange because 20/30 years ago people would talk to everyone and know everyone, or just be civil and say morning when they passed people, heck, my mum still does it! I just don't get why it's all just disappeared and it's seen as weird to talk to new people! Anyway, rant over, train is almost at my stop! DFTBA! x

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