Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Please don't say you love me cause I might not say it back...

This is another lot of lyrics, this time by a singer/songwriter called Gabrielle Aplin :) the song is called please don't say you love me :) I really like it because it's so simple and cute but it has such a great message which is so true :) just because you like/love someone doesn't mean youre in love with them and you shouldn't feel pressured in to saying 'I love you' to someone just because they say it to you. If you don't feel it don't say it :)
Today was actually really good tbh! One of my closest friends wasn't in college today which makes me le sad :( (hope you feel better soon Luc!) but I went shopping with my friend Clara today and I got a gorgeous scarf from a little boutique shop in town :) its light grey and had little black butterflies all over it, I love it so so much :') it was a free well spent I think! I also got my biology test results back - I got a C! Tbh I should have got higher but as my first attempt at an A level biology paper, it isn't so bad I don't think :) I'll revise more next test and get better :) I just have to revise more to get better grades :) I'll get there in the end :)
My parents got to meet my tutor tonight, apparently the work load is gonna get more and I have more work because I'm gifted and talented :S I'm slightly worried now because I'm not getting much work but they're pretty big bits when I do get them! Hopefully it won't be too bad :S
(sorry, I accidentally went back to look at this and now I have to publish it again -.-)

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