Sunday, 30 September 2012

Goodbye Ponds

As you guys should know, I'm an avid Doctor who fan, a whovian. I think I speak for the entire fandom that last night was probably the saddest episode out of the modern Doctor who's EVER! D:
So yeah, anyway, even before it started I was bracing myself for the complete mind numbing sadness that I knew was going to follow, it reminded me of when I watched Reichenbach .____. OH THE FEELS D; I have to admit, Moffat is brilliant, but falling again...really?! No one wanted THAT sherlock reference in Doctor Who!!! D:
I was dreading and really excited for Angels Take Manhattan but I had to wait half an hour after everyone else to watch it! I had to avoid Twitter, Tumblr and my Facebook newsfeed! That's nearly impossible for me! D:
I thought it was a pretty good episode though, the angels weren't as good as they have been in other episodes but the cherubs were creepy as hell. I swear I will crap myself if I ever hear a little kid laughing in the dark >.< I was so happy about the statue of liberty essentially being the Queen weeping angel, me & a couple of friends were sure that was gonna happen :')
I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW PERFECT AMY IS THOUGH! Not many tv shows show a strong female that is essentially the backbone of the relationship, and it's great but also heart breaking to see the lengths that she goes to be with Rory (again, DAMN YOU MOFFAT!) just, ugh. And river too! She's just perfect. If you see me over the next few days just give me chocolate and a hug ._____. I WASN'T READY FOR THAT D: WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE GONE?! WHY COULDNT RORY JUST HAVE NOT GONE & GOT COFFEE?! THEN THEY WOULD ALL BE SAFE!!!!! DAMN YOU MOFFAT.
This video basically explains my life right about now, I'm a mix between denial and trying to move on my doing English homework .___.
Enjoy guys! DFTBA x

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