Monday, 24 September 2012

Always look on the bright side of life...

Today was pretty good mostly :) I'm loving my lessons and I did well on my classic civilisations test this morning! :)
I got to wear my new boots to college for the first time today and they're amazing :') so comfortable :3
I shouldn't be allowed near computers though, I lost most of my extended project activity log that I'd been doing for the last week so I pretty much have to start from scratch :/ I actually felt like I was going to cry when I found out the wrong bit had saved, now I've got to try and remember what I was doing last :( it's just crap because I thought that I was doing pretty well and now I have less work than everyone else even though I originally had more logs that everyone :( I hate it when things like this happen, especially to me :( it's put me in such a rubbish mood now :(

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