Tuesday, 11 September 2012


So I wore my awesome free hugs top to college today and I actually got a hug off a friend which is awesome :3 it's a pretty cool top, it has a cactus on it with a sign around its neck saying free hugs! It's so cute :')
We basically had a medieval/shakespearean history lesson in English lit today which is awesome because I love around those time periods :3 I prefer the ancient Romans/Greeks obviously but the medieval/Shakespearean times are really interesting too ^.^ but yeah, because we're doing Macbeth/Hamlet, we were learning about witch hunting and roles of women and all this sort of stuff which really interests me! ^.^ so yeah, I love all of my classes as I have some cool friends in all of my subjects now which is nice :) I just don't have friends to hang around with at breaks and lunch which kinda sucks :/ but I'll find people eventually! :)

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