Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wednesdays are awesome!!!

We have a thing called enrichment on wednesday afternoons at college, they're extra curricular activities that cover sports and charities and music and even yoga! It's great because I get to finish at 2.30 instead of 4!! I do latin for mine :) Latin is great! It's so interesting to see how similar our words are compared to theirs :D but after enrichment today me & my friends went down to the field by the river and had so much fun, they had cider but I don't drink so I didn't really have any :) but watching them do the conga and just be generally weird was fun :) probably not the best idea to get tipsy around 3 in the afternoon but ya xD it was good fun all in all anyway :) I'm going now because I'm shattered from too many late nights :( talk tomorrow! DFTBA x

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