Friday, 6 September 2013

Maybelline Coloursensational Lipstick in Summer Pink Review

After enrolling back into college yesterday, me and my friend Liv had quite a lot of time free before out first lesson so we headed into town to have a look around! As per usual, I had my look around boots and I found a gorgeous pink lipstick! It looked so pretty so I went back and bought it today!
Maybelline Coloursensational Lipstick in Summer Pink is a gorgeous bright pink colour. It has little pieces of glitter in it which is subtle and gives your lips a slight shimmer which I really like! I wouldn't usually wear a pink that's this bright but it surprisingly works as an every day colour! I put it on just after I bought it and it was still there over 3 hours later! Most other lipsticks I own have faded after 2 hours or less so I've been majorly impressed so far! It doesn't dry out my lips and it smells so great so there are so many plus points for this product! I think the only issue I have is that the shape of the tip doesn't fit my lips very well but apart from that it's great! The packaging is also really sleek and looks more expensive than it was! It reminds me of the Revlon Lip Butter packaging a bit! 

I love the effect it has on my lips! It has a slight golden shimmer.
All in all, I'm actually really impressed with this lipstick and I might have to buy some more...again! Superdrug seem to have more of a selection of colour so I might have to have a look there!
Summer pink can be bought from Boots (this product isn't on the internet weirdly...) and Superdrug for £7.19
Jess xx


  1. Ooh I love this colour, and the packaging is so pretty too! xxx

    1. It's really great, I love it! Xxx