Tuesday, 3 September 2013


As a mini end of Summer treat, my dad got our family tickets for the MotoGP at Silverstone on Sunday. It was such a great day out! I've loved it since I was little so actually getting to see the races up close was such an amazing opportunity. We watched Moto 2 (lower class of bikes) first; it was so exciting and the atmosphere was great! The winner was an English man so everyone went crazy and cheered super loudly when he went past and won! MotoGP (highest class of bikes) wasn't as exciting because the leader stayed in first pretty much all the way through. It got exciting towards the end though when people started overtaking and closing gaps, every time someone overtook people cheered! The English guy in that race had crashes in the warm up and managed to dislocate his shoulder in the warm up lap so he didn't race as well as he could have which wasn't good but he still did really well considering!
It was a really great day and an even better end to summer - I'm so glad I got to go!
Jess xx

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