Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Shoes and Accessories wish list.

I did a clothes wish list a couple of days ago and I decided to do one for my shoes and accessories that I'm craving! 

1. Black flats

I could happily buy these as replacements...

I have a pair of these that are really comfy but they're so old that there are holes in the back of both shoes so I need equally comfy replacements!

2. Brown Chelsea boots

These are almost exactly what I want...I think!

I've been wanting a pair of these for far too long and have so many items of clothing that would look great with a pair of these. I just need to find a pair that I like and can afford now! I also haven't decided the shade of brown or if I want a heel or not yet...decisions decisions! 

3. Brown (Tan) brogues

I love these!

Again, many outfits to pair them with, just lacking the shoe! I've actually decided that I want them in a tan colour and not heeled for these! 

4. Longchamp le pliage bag

The red one is my favourite but all of the colours are so pretty!

I've heard so many good things about these bags and I really love them even though my mum finds them boring and quite horrible. It's the perfect day time size for a bag and apparently fits a laptop, book, jumper, plus all of the usual items! They come in so many colours and I think that if I ever actually bought one, I would get either the red or the navy so it would go with majority of what I wear!

5. Red flats

So similar to my current pair!

I have a pair of these and again, they're wearing out. They're my favourite shoes and my most comfy but they don't sell them in red at New Look any more so I was super upset to find I couldn't just get an exact replacement because they go with literally everything I own! I hope that New Look decide to stock them in the red again sometime soon so I can properly repurchase otherwise I'll have to find a more expensive alternative that doesn't feel as comfy! They were only £8 so I'm sad that I can't find them again - they were a complete bargain!

6. Nude heels

Not the right colour but they look pretty. Maybe a bit too high for wearing around daily!

I haven't got many pairs of plain heels and nude heels are one of the pairs that I think will go well with  a good few of my outfits. They're also classy and if I get a good pair, I will be able to wear them for a good few years to come! I really want to find the right nude as well, some (like above) are too sandy and I'm looking for more of a pink nude colour instead.

7. Black heels

They aren't skyscrapers or kitten heels so I think these would be perfect for work/interviews/a day out!

As I get older, I'm more likely to go to interviews or important occasions where looking smart is essential. Having a good pair of black heels will be a key thing so you can get them out when they're needed. I also think they'd look really nice with my new boyfriend jeans to dress them up a bit! They would also look great with a few other outfits and that's just off the top of my head! Black is great as they can go with anything!

8. Red heels

A bit too high for just wearing with every day outfits...the search continues!

My final pair. I wear a lot of navy so naturally red is my main go-to accessory colour. I've been toying with the idea of buying a pair of red heels for a while but I've never found a pair that's just right. I don't know if I want them to be patent or suede or leather or what! I guess I'll know when I try them on and either fall in love or don't.

I know these were mainly shoes but I don't have many accessories that I pine after apart from that Longchamp bag and I have far too many pairs of shoes on my list even though I already have far too many pairs (I'm a girl though so it's acceptable...right?)
Jess xx

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